Where to go for the most delicious cup of coffee?

In many countries, cup of coffee has become not only a symbol of culture, but also a special rhythm of life.

Can you guess where the thickest invigorating drink is poured, where coffee contains noble sourness, and where does the cup of coffee drink turn into a caffeine explosion? Find the correct answers in our article.

Learn coffee trends in Scandinavia

It turns out that coffee is not necessarily about the hot countries of Latin America. Scandinavia is not the first year set the coffee trends, which are eventually picked up by the barista from around the world. For example, in Oslo, the coffee houses of Tim Wendelbo specifically negotiate with farmers to change the conditions for growing beans on plantations. Every year they work together on new shades of taste. Before such enthusiasm coffee giants suffer a crushing defeat.

Where to go for the most delicious cup of coffee?

Therefore, if you want to try the most actual drink in the world with the aroma of vanilla and spices, complex intense acidity, chocolate sweetness and a long caramel aftertaste – choose the northern routes. If you find yourself in Oslo, look at the coffee house on Grünersgate, 1. From the traditional look at the Scandinavian coffee punch, Glögg is a drink with lots of spices and rum.

“And if the spirit of the experimenter has awakened in you, go to Finland and be sure to order Kaffeost in one of the many local coffee houses. The secret of the Finns is that a small cube or a slice of Lapland cheese Leipiajusto is put in a cup of coffee. New impressions are guaranteed. “


Tell fortunes on thick in Istanbul

Coffee in Istanbul is the same attraction as Big Ben and Queen Elizabeth in the UK. Turkish coffee will be appreciated by lovers of tart strong drinks. Here everything is honest: the coffee berries are hand-grinded by hand in a special mortar, crystal-clear water is used … and that’s it. The guest can be offered a handmade rahat-lukoum or lump sugar, which is usually eaten with coffee. Milk and cream in the drink is never added – the Turks believe that the extra ingredients only interfere with immersing in its rich and rich taste.


Where to go for the most delicious cup of coffee?

Coffee in Turkey has become not just a drink, but also a style of communication. The usual Istanbul picture: local men of respectable age sit on chairs right in the street and, examining passers-by, slowly sip coffee from porcelain cup Finjan. Join the company and enjoy a cup of coffee with a view of the Bosphorus in the coffee shop Fazıl Türk Kahvesi near the tourist market in the Kadıköy district.

And if you want to get a deeper insight into the oriental culture, ask a local connoisseur to tell fortunes on the coffee grounds. Do not wait for anything epic, but to hear something like “you’ll soon meet a tall dark-haired stranger” is also a result.

Drink coffee with Strauss in Vienna

In Vienna, it is customary to drink coffee without fuss and haste. Local people come to coffee shops, talk through the fresh press, explain themselves in love and eat desserts for live classical music. Every coffeehouse has its own face, but most often it’s marble tables, curved velvet chairs and glare of mirror showcases. Want news on a cup of coffee? In each coffee house you will find a free fresh newspaper.

To the note: the owners of establishments annually spend thousands of euros on this. The coffee card in Austria surprises with a variety: in some establishments you can meet thirty or even forty positions on the menu. Even the most sophisticated coffee maverick will be pleased, it remains to choose your own: strong “Einschner” or “Capuchiner”, soft and creamy “Franciscaner” or invigorating “Mokko Geshprits” with a thin note of cognac. Option for aesthetes – Maria Theresa – mocha with a mini portion of orange liqueur. Over a cup of a drink and a real Viennese strudel, go to the Bräunerhof coffee house on Stallburggasse 2. For a hundred years every Saturday the live orchestra performs Strauss waltzes here. And this immediately +10 points culture.

Pretend to be local in Paris

The French do not recognize the diversity of coffee trends and are still particularly sensitive to classical espresso. Actually, espresso and coffee in France are synonyms. If you order a cappuccino in a cafe on the city sunbird, be prepared for the fact that an espresso is simply added on top of whipped cream. And this has its charm: where, if not in Paris, you can with a truly French taste for life dunk fresh croissant in a large cup of fragrant coffee?

Gourmets are advised to try Kopi Luwak coffee at the Verlet coffee shop on Saint-Honoré, 256. The French would not be French if they did not try other bold combinations. For example, in Cafe Lomi, at 3 ter Rue Marcadet, coffee is served with Bleu d’Auvergne cheese. Cheese should be dipped in a hot drink, so that it melts a little. A great opportunity to feel like Vanessa Paradis in the film “Heartbreaker”.

Where to go for the most delicious cup of coffee?

Try Exotic in Ethiopia

A cup of Ethiopian coffee contains more caffeine than the strongest espresso. The craft of preparation of a drink here is possessed only by women. For housewives, cooking coffee is a real ritual: they put on a white cotton dress with smart embroidery, and coffee beans are fried in the presence of the whole family on a small fire or a burner on coals.


The drink is cooked in a special vessel – Jeben, which resembles a jug with a narrow neck and lid. Ready coffee is poured on a separate table in small cups without pens. The first tea is given to men, the second to women, the third to children. Each of the infusions has its own name.

Where to go for the most delicious cup of coffee?

A good tone is to drink at least three cups of coffee, otherwise the home owners will be greatly offended. In coffee can add ice cream, salt, nutmeg and even rose petals

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