most important secrets of a true relationship

Love is not required, love is shared

The fight between two lovers is a fight between two demanding hearts, two greedy individuals

Love is a function of joy. People think they love all the time. You have never loved, have never tasted even a drop of it …

Love comes only when you are full of joy; love is a shadow of joy; it does not come directly. Only a blissful person is loving. The unhappy person insists that he loves, but something else is disguised under the name of love. He needs love, that’s right, he’s a beggar.

And because he needs love, he pretends to give something, because no one is going to give you love, unless you at least pretend to give it on your part.

You are just a beggar – you expect to receive his or her love, you make a deal. And the other does the same. Remember: the other also says, “I love you very much.” And the other also needs and thirsts. Two thirsty people are just pretending to give something – they really want to receive.


This is why all lovers feel cheated and disappointed. Sooner or later, faces get tired, and reality comes out. And you demand love – it demands, you demand, and conflicts and battles arise.

The fight between two lovers is a fight between two demanding hearts, two greedy individuals.

Share with others what you have, why fight? Bestowal does not know jealousy, only greed knows jealousy.

First create joy, dance, song. Then you will share it naturally. You have nothing to share, you want to share when you have a lot of something.

Like a rain cloud, it has to rain down. Like a flower, it needs to spread fragrance. Or just like a lamp, she has to pour out light …

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