What colors that make us younger?

Colors in clothes can not only emphasize the advantages and disadvantages of the figure, but also visually add age. Or, conversely, rejuvenate.

There is a simple rule: in order not to emphasize wrinkles and imperfections, tones around the face should be lighter and calmer (but sometimes there are exceptions). It is also important to consider the shade of the hair.

It’s also important not to forget that the clothes should look modern – old-fashioned styles can also add age

Red and lavender:  colors that make us younger

Pale pink (powdery).

This shade is associated with tenderness, fragile flower buds, summer dawn.

Stylists are sure that he gives the woman sophistication, visually makes her young and pleasantly refreshes her appearance.



Light turquoise (mint).

A wonderful mint tone illuminates the skin from the inside, making you younger and brighter, and your figure – slimmer, color can be combined with things of white, beige, cold pink, gray. A soft shade looks impressive both on owners of dark skin and dark curls, and on blondes

Beige (light sand).

It seems that the easiest way to add youth and elegance is to choose clothes in a noble beige color.

All close shades – light sand, almond, caramel, coffee with milk – are also suitable



In combination with white, pale blue, gray, olive, it emphasizes the beauty of dark hair and does not focus on skin imperfections

Lilac (lavender).

To create the image of a young and elegant lady, a soft lavender color is also suitable, which is always associated with tenderness and lightness. It can visually make things more expensive. Lilac goes well with white, milky, beige and yellow tones. Especially advantageous for owners of blond hair – wheat, ashy, blond, light red.



Gray. It would seem how such a plain and calm color, like gray, can rejuvenate? Very simple: noble gray shades refresh the appearance, emphasize the blush, make golden brown hair color.

Gray is a very practical color. It goes well with any tones, looks cozy in everyday outfits and gently in romantic evening dresses. Silver and pearl jewelry in tandem with gray things will add a special charm to the image.

White color is the most solemn, radiant and dazzling.

Even the paler skin will look against the background of snow-white clothes that are rested, without signs of fatigue and withering (which cannot be said about its complete opposite – black color, absorbing any light and not at all conducive to visual rejuvenation of the skin).

Particularly expensive and graceful image will make a completely white set of clothes (total white). By the way, a snow-white shade will be very useful in case of a strict dress code in the office.



Red color is significantly knocked out of our calm selection: it is not pastel, not soft, but rather bright and very passionate. But also spectacular.

Red goes well with white, cream, caramel, olive and lemon. This king of flowers suits both blondes and brunettes. The brown-eyed brown-haired woman even shines in red – he gives their skin such a shade as if they had spent a couple of weeks at a sea resort.

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