dreams that promise wealth and good luck

20 dreams that promise wealth and good luck

What should a dream be about so that you clearly realize that wealth and luck are very close!

Everyone has heard about prophetic dreams. Moreover, many have seen prophetic dreams and have experienced all the magic of bringing to life the events that our subconscious mind told us about.

Dreams are the most valuable resource of our body, you just need to learn how to correctly decode the received signals, and be ready for possible changes. Let’s find out what a dream should be about, so that you clearly realize that wealth and luck are very close!

20 dreams promising wealth and good luck:

1. Dance in a dream

Dancing in a dream is an extremely good sign. If you are circling in a dream with a partner or partner, then a pleasant meeting awaits you. And if you are enjoying the dance alone – get ready for unexpected profits! Children dancing in a dream promise the good news of an imminent replenishment in your family, and if an elderly couple is dancing, positive career shifts are possible.

2. Flying in a dream

Every person wants to learn how to fly, and therefore the dream in which he flies causes the most positive emotions. It is gratifying to report that this is also an extremely lucrative dream. It will bring success to your life in all areas, but above all, it will help you find your life’s work that will bring you a steady income.


3. Stone amethyst

If in a dream you see a purple amethyst, it means that a calm, secure life awaits you. Finding jewelry with this stone means getting a decent income. But be careful not to lose your ring or brooch with amethyst. Such a dream implies the loss of something valuable to you.

4. Trees

Walking in a dream in a blooming garden, know that harmony will reign in your family life, and nothing will happen to loved ones. When you dream that you are standing under a tree, expect help from a close friend. Finally, bamboo trees in dreams portend good news. Recommended: Make the woman happy and she will bring you good luck!

5. Temple

The dream in which you enter the temple is a symbol of unprecedented good fortune! If you see an altar with a statue of the Lord on it, incredible luck will accompany you throughout the year! Russian Television in the USA and Canada etvnet.com Channels Films Series News Go Yandex.Direct16 +


6. Coffin

Many are afraid when they see a tombstone or coffin in a dream. However, in fact, the message of our subconscious in this case is very optimistic. Such a dream means that anxiety will soon leave you. Seeing how the body is placed in the coffin, expect a quick reward for your labors. And if the deceased rises from the coffin, you have every reason to expect a large income. By the way, when you see yourself in a cemetery in a dream, do not worry! This dream should make you think about starting a family.

7. Weather

The rising of the Sun or Moon in dreams promises development and prosperity. Perhaps you will be offered a new interesting job. A rainbow in a dream will communicate the happiness that will fill your family, and the thunderclaps will give hope for a drastic change for the better. Pay special attention to the dream of a star lighting up in the sky. He will inform you about the imminent arrival of the child.

8. Human

People are often present in our dreams, and therefore attention should be paid to the little things. So, if you dreamed about a naked person, be prepared for a happy accident in your life. And when you notice a sick person who smiles or laughs, do not hesitate – you will soon be on the mend!


9. Woman

We will separately say about the representative of the fair sex seen in a dream. Seeing a beautiful woman in a dream, communicating with her or holding her hand means receiving good news. If the young lady makes purchases, pleasant spending awaits you. But the most successful one promises to be a dream in which you will see a pregnant woman. He is a harbinger of wealth that will suddenly fall on you. Recommended: 5 Ways to Connect to the Stream of Abundance

10. Bird

A beautiful bird seen in a dream is a symbol of love and signals a change in personal life. Having seen such a dream, be ready to meet your soul mate. If a bird knocks on your window in a dream and calls you, there is a chance to return to its former relationship.

11. Bird food

Feeding birds in a dream is an expensive gift that you will soon learn. If you sprinkle grain on the ground, it means that soon your business will reach a new level. As a rule, this prophetic dream gives a huge stimulus to development and the struggle for their own well-being.


12. Animals

Animals are seen in a dream fortunately, even if the dream seems to you a nightmare. You saw how someone kills a chicken or a duck in front of your eyes, do not be sad. This is a prophetic dream that portends a happy fate to its owner. The same can be said for a dream in which a snake bites you. Exhale and smile! A lot of money is waiting for you!

13. Elephant

The elephant stands out among other animals for its gigantic size and good-natured character, patience and wisdom. Therefore, the elephant seen in a dream portends the protection of your interests and the strengthening of family relations.

14. Sheep

A lamb seen in a dream, especially if it grazes in a meadow, speaks of a joyful meeting with friends that will happen in the very coming days. But stroking a curly-haired animal in a dream means getting an excellent result of your labors. Finally, if in a dream you are butchering mutton, then there is every chance to get a quick profit soon.


15. Pig

Most people associate a pig with prosperity, and therefore do not be surprised if a pig seen in a dream will herald a sharp increase in income, as well as a smile of fortune. Perhaps you will win money in a casino or lottery, or maybe you will find out that you received an inheritance. Recommended: How to make your husband rich and successful

16. Bees

Bees are hard workers, which means that buzzing insects seen in a dream is a signal that soon your physical and mental efforts will be rewarded at their dignity. You will probably become a very famous person, and this fact will allow you to become noticeably richer.

17. Fire

Had a dream that your house was on fire? Do not be alarmed! This is a prophetic dream, which only says that all your worries and problems are burning in the fire. A dream about a holiday with fiery fireworks will be similar. It symbolizes the completion of the black bar in life.


18. Moonlight

Walking under the moon is associated with most people with romance and sensual pleasures. And a dream in which you and your loved one are walking under the moonlight speaks of an imminent marriage or marriage. The marriage promises to be successful financially, which means that you will not need more money!

19. Sea

Romantic dreams of the seaside will be even sweeter when you learn that they promise you immense happiness. Seeing a dream in which you run into an oncoming wave, you know that very soon your life will be illuminated with real happiness.

20. Auction

A rare person sees a dream about an auction. The more valuable is the result of such a dream. If you see yourself in the hall where lots are sold, or hear the voice of the auctioneer beating off the bill with a wooden hammer, it means that an extremely important money issue for you will soon be resolved. Prepare for the fact that soon you will become much richer!

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