The most unfortunate photos of stars

The most unfortunate photos of celebrities

Each of us has a photo that we would like to forget about. Do you think the worst situation is when your unsuccessful photo is taken on your friend’s phone, and she will occasionally laugh at it, reminding you of your failure? It can be much worse when your bad photos get on social media and start spreading.

Celebrities have the hardest time, their failures rarely go unnoticed. In this article, you will find a selection of not very successful photos that have become public knowledge. The stars themselves would prefer that these pictures were never, neither in life, nor on the network.

Get ready to make sure that celebrities are ordinary people who fail.


The photo was taken back in 2013, and then it became the reason for a serious investigation. The star performed at the Super Bowl, and there were pictures with such a comical expression on her face. They immediately went their separate ways and became templates for viral memes. The celebrity did not like it, she went to court, wishing that all the photos from this series were removed. Beyoncé’s lawyer won the case, and the noise around him died down. But everything that turns out to be on the Internet will remain there forever.

Kim Kardashian

It is widely believed that this stellar couple has their own pocket paparazzi, who accompany them during any exit and take only good photos. There are no imperfections in these shots, which maintains the ideal image of the celebrity. But your own photographers will save you from outside colleagues, whose goal is the opposite. This is how Kim’s vacation photos appeared three years ago. We see on them not the ideal body to which we are accustomed. Kim Kardashian was in a real rage, this became the reason for a huge scandal.

Victoria Beckham

The stars are people too, with ordinary human vices. In 2015, this shot of Victoria just tore the web. It was done after a party, when she walked towards the car, staggering and holding on to her husband. The Beckham couple clearly did not expect to be met by photographers’ lenses on the way. This is what a tarnished reputation means, both figuratively and in the most literal sense.

Nicki Minaj

A snapshot of the same year, 2015. Fans of Minaj have long suspected that the body of their idol is the work of a plastic surgeon, after that there was no doubt. Minaj continues to prove that she has everything her own, but now few people believe her. Here you can clearly see how the leg is separated from the buttocks, this is hardly possible with natural forms.

Christina Aguilera

The failure occurred in 2012 at the funeral ceremony for the famous American singer Etta James. Aguilera sang the song At Last, she actually did it emotionally, but those were not interested in that. Right during the performance, dark streams flowed down the legs of the pop diva, apparently, the self-tanner could not stand this intensity of emotions.

Angelina Jolie

After the divorce, Jolie did not have the easiest times. According to insider rumors, she battled dire depression and we all saw her lose weight. The network was continually shaken by pictures in which the celebrity looks like she weighs no more than 40 kg with her height of 170 cm. In order not to attract too much attention, Jolie began to wear loose baggy clothes. However, it is impossible to hide the legs and wrists, which is what we see in this photo.

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