Home alone-Macaulay Culkin

Home alone – with a stomach and depression: where did Macaulay Culkin disappear

Today, behind the back of that fair-haired boy, drug addiction, depression and a quarrel with his father. But Culkin is not discouraged – he tries himself in stand-up, and it seems that his career is going uphill again. We tell you what the actor is doing today.

He quarreled with his father. Believes he ruined his career

Macaulay Culkin hasn’t spoken to his father for about 20 years – since he had a falling out with him in the mid-90s. The reason for the quarrel was dissatisfaction with the actions of his father, Christopher Culkin. According to Macaulay, his father, who for a long time acted as his agent and manager, sought to earn as much money as possible from him. He demanded unreasonably large fees for his son and signed contracts on his behalf for filming deliberately disastrous films – all this ultimately led to the fact that Culkin almost stopped filming.


In the mid-90s, Macaulay’s parents even started a legal dispute among themselves over the right to manage their son’s money. At that time, according to various sources, Culkin earned about $ 35 million. However, his acting was often criticized. In 1995, Culkin was nominated for a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Performance in How To Cope With A Father.

Met with Mila Kunis. Even attempted suicide because of her

Macaulay Culkin had a long relationship with actress Mila Kunis. They met back in 2002. At that moment, Kunis played her first major role in a movie: in the sequel to American Psycho. In the same year, and I had a last kinoproryv Culkin: he played the role of Michael Alig, a drug addict, homosexual and mastermind of the New York party in the film “Party Monster.”

Culkin and Kunis met until the end of the 2000s – and almost got married. However, in 2011, after a series of quarrels, they broke up. Kunis soon began an affair with actor Ashton Kutcher and became his wife. And Macaulay Culkin, as reported by the media, was mired in heroin addiction, fainted on the streets, showed up on drugs at Natalie Portman’s wedding, and finally tried to attempt suicide by swallowing pills. The actor was pumped out, and later, after undergoing treatment, he got rid of drug addiction. Today, Culkin states that he has been clean for many years.


He stood up for Michael Jackson, which for many years was a friend

“He had a big, kind heart, and he just wanted to keep an eye on everyone and keep them out of trouble,” Macaulay Culkin said in defense of singer Michael Jackson when the 2018 film Leaving Neverland, where the king of pop, was released. once again accused of pedophilia and child corruption.

Macaulay Culkin has been a close friend of the singer since the filming of Home Alone. He was just over 10 years old when Jackson first invited him to visit him at Neverland Ranch. Since then, Culkin maintained a relationship with the singer until Jackson’s death in June 2009. In 2005, the actor even defended him at the trial. According to Culkin, “nothing wrong happened at Neverland Ranch.” At least, the actor himself has never witnessed Jackson committing illegal actions in relation to children who visited the ranch – including in relation to himself.

“He never did anything to me,” Culkin said. – I have never seen him do something unacceptable. Now it makes no sense for me to hide something. The guy died. If I had something to speak about, then I would definitely do it. But no, I didn’t see anything, he didn’t do anything. ”

Will act in the new season of ‘American Horror Story’

Macaulay Culkin will appear in the new season of the hit American Horror Story series. This was announced by one of its creators Ryan Murphy, who posted the announcement of the cast on Instagram. One of the first to appear in it is the name of Culkin.

Oddly enough, but recently Culkin’s career has been going uphill. Macaulay is a frequent guest on TV shows, he starred in commercials. In 2019, the actor played in the film by the comedian Seth Green “Land of Change”, and also appeared as himself in an episode of the series “Doll”.


“The appearance in American Horror Story will mark Culkin’s first serious and consistent role in a top-level series,” notes Variety.

Ryan Murphy later revealed some details of Culkin’s future role: “I had a crazy idea. I told him about her on the phone – about the character that I offered to play. I informed Macaulay that his character is going to have a crazy bitch with Katie Bates. After a pause, he said in response: “It seems that this is the role for which I was born.”

Trying himself in stand-up

Macaulay Culkin’s instagram has more than a million subscribers and about 500 thousand followers on Twitter. On the pages, Culkin jokes a lot about himself, personal relationships, sex and religion. Many fans of the actor have long advised him to try his hand at stand-up – Culkin’s jokes on social networks turn out to be both sharp and funny.


In the summer of 2019, Culkin joked about Disney’s idea of ​​rebooting the comedy Home Alone. In his Instagram account, he posted a snapshot of what his hero would look like these days. In the photo, he captured himself: fat, in some shorts and a T-shirt, matured Kevin McCallister is lying on the couch with a plate of food. On Twitter, Culkin addressed the film company, “Hey Disney, give me a call!”

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