Love Story: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie and Brad PittTheir relationship in Hollywood – and beyond – called exemplary. Beautiful bright couple, happy children, active social position – it would seem, no minus. However, whether these relations are so perfect, as is commonly believed? It started they are not exemplary

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Family-Oriented, lifting

About Angelina violent youth are legendary. “Sex, drugs and rock and roll” – this is how, perhaps, it could sound motto. At age 14, the actress began to live in a civil marriage, 16 – seduced his mother’s boyfriend, 21 – married and divorced a year later. In a series of fleeting relationships there was a place for a musician Mick Jagger, and actor Ethan Hawke. Because of an affair with Jolie on the last he left his wife, Uma Thurman. But that’s not all! Jolie was not only promiscuous, but also suffered from alcoholism and drug addiction, which led to mental disorders. According to rumors, depression is so tormented girl, that she herself had hired killer. Another popular rumor: an adoption first child – a boy from Cambodia – the actress took intoxicated.

Where is the truth and a lie – is difficult to understand. Just know one thing: the time dating with Pitt actress experienced difficult times. She divorced her second husband – actor Billy Bob Thornton, new relationships ladilis, her every move followed by paparazzi and tabloids competed in witty captions.


The only way out – head to go to work. The actress always did in the difficult moments of life – and it always helped to get in shape. And then, just what we needed, the main role in the movie “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” refused to Nicole Kidman. To take part in the shooting offered Jolie and her partner – thus Mr. – was the Brad Pitt.

The actors in the film "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"
The actors in the film “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”

Previously, Jolie and Pitt did not communicate, because belonged to different universes: she – uncontrolled party girl and queen “yellow press”, he – an exemplary family man whose personal life could even be called fresh. At first, he was a quiet affair with Gwyneth Paltrow, and after – a five-year marriage to Jennifer Aniston. No alcohol, crazy tricks and intrigues on the side. Only the quiet family evenings, hard work and numerous interviews in which he confessed to the dreams of children.

Pitt and Jolie have quarreled almost the first day of the shootings. Co-star Angelina seemed arrogant and haughty, Brad also found hysterical girl. The film’s director, recalled that the actors behave like two scorpions in a bottle. Scandal followed scandal, and over the whole film-making process, even under threat of collapse. In the end, a couple got angry all around, and the director decided to act: locked them in a trailer. And then a miracle happened: the actors find a common language!

Now it’s hard to believe, but the first time after meeting Jolie and Pitt did not get along with each other

Fleeing from the paparazzi

Jolie and Pitt have become more and more time to spend in each other’s company. They talked for hours, went together to restaurants and rested. The most beautiful woman in Hollywood, and the most coveted man! Together! Such journalists could not miss. In the press every now and then started appearing notes about a possible romance stars, but a couple denied everything. Pitt was still married to Jennifer Aniston, but she pretended not to notice the other spouse passion.

One day, however, Aniston did not stand and asked about her husband’s affair with Jolie directly. He said that there is no relationship. But then, the media have photos of actors together, spending time on one of the beaches in Kenya. Jennifer kicked her husband out of their home in Beverly Hills and filed for divorce. This happened in March 2005 – and in October Pitt became officially available.


Journalists ready: here it is, the moment when Jolie and Pitt finally make an official statement about the affair. But no! Actors continued to remain silent – though not too long. If the love relationship could still hide Jolie, the rounded belly – no. In January 2006, the actress admitted that she is pregnant with Brad. In addition, Pitt to adopt children, Jolie which previously brought one – Maddox and Zahara.

The first biological child pair, baby Shiloh, was born in May. To hide the girl from the paparazzi, the couple took her to Namibia. Then the actors sold pictures baby magazine People – pictures cost edition of ten million dollars – and the money donated to charity.

It would seem that after years of depression and heavy dependency Jolie finally came to life harmony: the beloved, children, career. But there it was …

First, the actors tried to hide their relationship - as long as not to become pregnant Jolie
First, the actors tried to hide their relationship – as long as not to become pregnant Jolie

Power of love

For Angelina’s mom has always been the main man in my life. After years of estrangement relations could still develop. Marcheline Bertrand nursed grandchildren and rejoiced that her daughter has found a woman’s happiness. One problem less – and at Marcheline were many. Seven years she struggled with ovarian cancer, but to no avail: the disease every day deprived of its forces. In January 2007, Marcheline died. She was only 56 years old. Angelina had time to come to the clinic – the last moments of the life of her mother, she spent her side.

Death of mother crippled actress. It closed in his house and cried for days, not paying any attention to the children, nor the man she loved. They say that in those days Angelina weighed no more than 40 kilograms. If not for Pitt, who knows what could have happened. Actor surrounded beloved anxious concern: gave gifts and pampered endlessly compliments and exported out to unwind. Love worked – the actress has blossomed. “That’s when I learned that she could love so much,” – later told Pitt in an interview.

Angelina Brad helped to cope with the loss of his mother, surrounded her with love

In the same year the pair together to adopt another child – Pax Thien from Vietnam. Now they became the parents of four children: Maddox from Cambodia, Zahara from Ethiopia, native daughter Shiloh and Pax baby. A year later, Jolie gave birth to twins – a boy and a girl Vivienne Knox.

After the death of his mother Jolie has a new fear – she was afraid of dying from breast cancer, the more doctors discovered she had 87 percent chance of developing the disease. In the spring of 2013 she decided to remove the breast. As always, Brad supported the decision of his beloved. “I want Angelina to protect and save our family. I supported her decision and tried to always be there, “- he told reporters. Even after some time the actress has removed the ovaries and fallopian tubes.

End – always the beginning


Now in the life of this exemplary couples are also not so ideal, as is commonly believed. For example, several times their relationship hanging in the balance, but the wisdom and the desire to understand a loved one bug fixes. The last time the pair talk about the break came in 2010. Journalists wrote about the division of property – mansions, villas, private island in Dubai and a 35-room palace in France. But the crisis has passed.

Actors are raising six children, three of them and three biological - adoptive
Actors are raising six children, three of them and three biological – adoptive

Although children together, a couple of seven years has not been formally established their relations. However, in August 2014 they were still married. Currently children. The celebration took place in France. Love is love, but a marriage contract the actors nevertheless concluded, and severe. One of his points, for example, concerns the change if Pitt did not resist the temptation, you will lose the right to joint custody of the children.
However, this is unlikely to happen: his loyalty to the beloved Brad argued more than once. Yes, and they have so many plans for the future life! Recently it became known that before the end of the summer a couple to adopt another child. This time – a baby from Syria. It will be the seventh child in a large and happy family. And then – who knows: Angelina Jolie has repeatedly said that he wants to adopt a “at least ten”.

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