Powerful eclipse energy

Powerful eclipse energy – the ability to harmoniously change course

“Whatever we’re willing to allow and let go, it’s time to do it so that we can be ready to enter the next phase of our journey, feeling fulfilled and renewed. Another quantum leap forward in our personal and collective consciousness. What are you ready to go for? What are you willing to leave behind in order to create more room for the reality you want? Now is the time to ask yourself these questions and make the necessary adjustments to move forward in greater love. ”- Emmanuelle Daguerre.

Every person has recurring events in their lives that most people do not understand how to free themselves from. The energy of the eclipse provides just such an opportunity. This is a favorable time for quick changes, when life can be turned 180 degrees.

Any eclipses bring the energy of innovation, give strength to renewal. This is a great moment to lay the foundation for a happy life, an opportunity for a fresh start.

A time when some doors close and other doors open with new circumstances. In this article, we will talk about how to live a difficult period of eclipse for the benefit of yourself, where to direct your energy if you have a desire for change.


Should you be afraid of eclipses ?

Almost all astrologers, speaking about eclipses, warn that this is a dangerous period. They advise you to be careful, give recommendations on what you can do on the days of eclipses, and what you absolutely should not do. I do not want to refute or confirm astrological predictions, I propose to look at such a natural phenomenon as an eclipse from a different angle – from the position of possibilities.

Emmanuel Daguerre said that an eclipse is one of the most powerful astrological phenomena because it often heralds major changes. I would only add that without your participation, these changes will not happen in your life.

The energy of the eclipse, as well as of other astrological phenomena, is just a tool that you can learn to use. It’s like any other household tool: hammer, knife, scissors, ax … Until you learn how to use them, they are dangerous for you, you can get hurt. But the ability to use them qualitatively changes your life for the better.

You can hammer in nails with a hammer, creating comfort in everyday life, or you can hit your fingers. Will you then blame the hammer for the cause of your pain in it? Will you be afraid of him if someone tells you that this household item poses a threat to your health?

Please note that this is not distorted information, the hammer can actually be dangerous in the wrong hands. Any information has two sides of the coin, and both have the right to exist. The only question is to see these sides and decide for yourself which one you like. Is it more pleasant for you to sit in fears, or do you choose to create? I also want to draw your attention to the fact that you will not deny that the hammer is useful, even if you do not use this tool in your life.


There are two options:

  • Your life does not change without a hammer, it just remains the same.
  • It’s up to you to choose whether you want a change or if everything suits you.
  • You are replacing the hammer with another tool. Which is quite practical – everyone chooses to their liking. There are no universal tools, there is something that suits you or does not suit you.

Use the energy of the eclipse as a tool, learn to direct it skillfully in order to get the desired result. It depends only on you whether to be afraid of this phenomenon or to use the magic time for your own good.

The constructive power of emotions during eclipses

For people, the time of the eclipse is always heightened emotionality, energies act in such a way that the events that take place raise a wave of emotions. But this is not accidental, since emotional impulses are able to turn on the light of the soul.

The moment a person experiences a strong emotion, a flash occurs. Simultaneously with the emotional outburst, the inner light of a person “explodes” and breaks through as a source into the outer world.

It does not matter at all what quality of emotions you experienced, positive or negative. It does not matter for the soul what emotions are manifested, the color of emotions is given by the personality, the human part of you.

When emotions are triggered by unpleasant events, it is important to be able not to concentrate on this emotion, not to hang in a state of negativity. Think that you are in the moment of manifestation of your power. And then it already depends on you where you direct this force, to create your life or to destroy.

Emotions are a resource of the unconscious, an unlimited opportunity to use the power of inner light to solve important life issues, to achieve the desired results. Thus, through emotions, the eclipse increases the likelihood for humanity to manifest its light as brightly as possible, to live this period of time in light and love, thereby laying down positive trends in the development of events in the near future after the eclipse.

If you want to change your life circumstances as efficiently as possible, control what impulses you broadcast to the outside world, where you direct your light, your energy. Do not get emotionally involved in the aggressive moods of others, be careful. Time has accelerated now, so anything you send out into the world almost instantly returns like a boomerang.


Your friendliness, benevolence towards others, will very quickly return to you a hundredfold. You can react to any situation in different ways, you can even defend yourself and your rights without anger, anger, irritation, aggression. It’s important to have peace of mind inside; do things with love for yourself and care for others.

When you live this cycle in a positive mood, in joy and enthusiasm, being interested in the ongoing processes, then any techniques, practices, rituals and meditations that you do during the eclipse will give you the best results. Don’t take external steps, work with your internal perception of unpleasant situations

The period of eclipses is a rather unfortunate time for new beginnings, but very favorable for immersion in yourself in order to deal with your inner conflicts. Time that makes it possible to get rid of patterns and illusions, from a distorted perception of oneself.

Based on your ideas about the world around you, real-life events are built. When you change internally, this is primarily reflected in everyday situations.

Take some time for yourself, choose a comfortable secluded spot, and turn inward. Express a sincere, pure intent to communicate with your soul. Listen to yourself and from the depths of your soul try to understand what you really want, what is true for you? What changes do you feel the need for? What old behaviors are no longer viable for you?

The energy of the eclipse contributes to the rethinking of life values. By directing your gaze inward, look at life’s circumstances with a new look. Realize what prevents you from moving forward with ease, and what gives strength, motivation and inspiration.

What to look for during eclipses?

The events that happen to you at this time are not accidental. Treat them as important messages from the universe. This is how you get feedback from the outside world.


Unpleasant external events show you where to look for the problem within yourself. Happy circumstances tell you that you are heading in the right direction.

Aggravation of situations

If troubles occur in your life during an eclipse, this is not a cause for grief. Highlighting certain events, they show you that it’s time to change your strategy, it’s time to rethink something in yourself.

Take a closer look during this period to what is happening around you, try to consciously interpret the situations in which you find yourself. Think about which direction you need to move to solve the problem.

If relations with your inner circle are aggravated: relatives, neighbors, friends, and especially personal partnerships, this means that you need to find a fulcrum within yourself in order to free yourself from old patterns and beliefs.

The manifestation of old stories and people from the past

When, during the influence of the energy of the eclipse, people appear in your life or events from the past are repeated, then you are given the opportunity to evolve to a new level.

It is impossible to move forward if you have not dealt with your past, since it still has an impact on your life.

As a rule, these are events and people that aroused strong emotions and experiences in you. These could be positive events – past love relationships, past successes in business and finance, hobbies for some circumstances. It could be negative, hard, when you went through pain and disappointment with someone or something.

Think about what inside you from the past pulls back? Which is the burden that made you so stuck in the past that you cannot live in the present.

Where your thoughts are, there is your energy. Thoughts about the past take up huge amounts of energy that you could use to create positive events in the present. Voluntarily merging your energy into hanging on thoughts in the past, you no longer have the strength to live in the present.


An eclipse gives you a chance to see the accumulation of past energies in your life. Use this great time to break the chains of attachments within yourself, in your head, regarding relationships with other people. This is necessary in order to free up space within yourself and begin to build quality relationships at a new level in the external world. Having freed yourself from the shackles of the past, through rethinking, through awareness of internal processes, you allow the new to enter your life in the form of pleasant events.

And in the coming months after the eclipse, you will feel that you have moved from a dead center.


Exacerbation of diseases of the physical body during this period are of a psychosomatic nature. They indicate that you have unmet needs, indicate that your thoughts, beliefs, resentments, claims and demands on other people are destroying you.

Exacerbation of diseases of the physical body during this period are of a psychosomatic nature. They indicate that you have unmet needs, indicate that your thoughts, beliefs, resentments, claims and demands on other people are destroying you. It is not the symptoms that need to be addressed, but the causes of such problems. Your health directly depends on your inner state, your perception of external events, your worldview in general. The book by Louise Hay “The Healing Power of Thought” will help to get rid of all accumulated negativity.

Universe Clues

The energy of the eclipse helps to sharpen intuition and anticipation. Be mindful of your thoughts, actions, reactions, and states.

Pay attention to dreams, symbols, numbers, signs. Important insights, valuable revelations, realizations can occur.

The tips will indicate in which direction to move and help you better understand yourself, feel what your soul asks for.


Reboot. Starting a new program

The main theme of this period: liberation from the past (trauma, programs, attitudes, emotions) in order to RELEASE the vitality necessary to transform your body.

It means WITHDRAWING your energy from the outside (projects, relationships, work, communication, etc.) and redirecting all your resources INSIDE.

Let the eclipse be your starting point for change, so that recurring problems leave the space of your life forever!


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