Heesen Yachts

Heesen – large Dutch shipyard, the yacht which can be seen in any port in the world. Unforgettable sight: a massive case of steel and aluminum, the enormous length, high speed. Heesen – authority in the field of shipbuilding. The company was founded in 1978 by Dutchman Frans Heesenom. Famous shipyard is located in the south of the town of Oss in the Netherlands and specializes in the design and construction of mega yachts in length from 30 to 50 meters.

In 1988, already a well-known company Heesen received international recognition with the project Octopussy. While widely developed market large and fast boats. Customer, who appealed to the famous Dutch demanded luxury yacht of 38 meters in length with a prerequisite to ship to reach speeds up to 50 knots. Shipyard Heesen took the challenge.

Even professionals shipbuilding believed that to build such a high-speed boat unrealistic, but they were wrong. May 15, 1988 Octopussy went on the water without any problems develop speed to 52.3 knots. Moreover, Octopussy ushered in an era of ultra-fast boat.

Heesen Yachts Octopussy

Besides luxury and high-speed mega yachts, the company manufactures and Heesen upscale fishing vessels of 38 meters and a speed of 33 knots. Heesen not only carefully thought out interior of the vessel, but also creates a yacht, completely ready to use. For example, a 37-meter Lady Ingeborg deprived of water jets and submerged propellers, the engine is so consistently go at the speed of 27 knots, it comes standard with stability pitching, so that the ship owner does not even need a gyroscope.

One of the main directions of today‘s famous shipyard yacht production for the long voyage. To create such a vessel, requires a completely different approach to the construction, because what matters is not so much speed as comfort and safety of the shell space. In this case, Heesen is unparalleled, many vessel of this type have received worldwide recognition and awards at exhibitions, such as custom Alumercia and Lady Halima. Today the name of Heesen associated with model number 3700 This is a popular form of mega yachts length of 37 meters. In this series, released for six boats, the last of which – G-Forse – ship, which has received worldwide acclaim for the magnificent interior.

One of the newest outstanding yacht company Heesen – MY Lady Petra. Project YN 15747 has been christened MY Lady Petra. The luxury motor yacht. The eighth vessel to join Heesen Yacht. Is a award-winning 47 meter class. Was launched on Saturday, April 28, 2012 at the facility in Oss, Netherlands.

Lady Petra

Owners of this luxury yacht just so happen to be Mr. and Mrs. Heesen. Frans Heesen, the former owner and founder of the shipyard began the project back in 2010 when he appointed Bannenberg and Rowell, known for creating eclectic yet pleasing integrated atmospheres, to design the interiors of the new yacht.

While the christening brought joy to many, mixed emotions were felt as Mr. Heesen took the opportunity to announce his retirement from official functions in his company.

“It time for me to enjoy life with my family and friends” said Heesen. “I am going to be the Brand Ambassador of this wonderful company that I found some 35 years ago. I will always be there to support the brand and promote it to the end of my days!”




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