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Guerlain Introduces Le Muguet 2017

Le Muguet 2017 Guerlain is again, paying tribute to the freshness of the bell-mascot. The lily of the valley flower reluctantly reveals its secrets. It does not yield to extraction, so its perfumery is recreated by perfumers in accordance with its own poetic representation – the powdered iris of Jacques Gerlen in 1908 or the sunny notes of Jean-Paul Gerlen in 1998, or the naturally sparkling modern interpretation of Thierry Vasser 2016.

Green notes, thin and explosive, delight the spring accents. The rose in droplets of dew with its freshness, sensual jasmine recalls how the awakening of nature warms the heart and excites the soul. Together with Muguet, the spring landscape is filled with the poetic joy of life.

Every year the best French artists and masters of art receive an offer to express their vision of the flower-mascot in their inherent style. In Paris, Atelier Bizet Haute Couture, since 2005, embroiderers under the leadership of the talented Corinne Bizet with taste and passion create the most delicate and fragile “fashion stories”.

Spectacular works are the trademark of Atelier Bizet: these are traditional and original embroideries for luxury fashion houses. Special needles, Luneville hooks, special frames serve for the execution of hand-crafted inimitable things in the technique of voluminous embroidery with close attention to detail. A whimsical and charming decoration on the neck of the Muguet Guerlain vial is a virtuoso reminder of the adorable spring flower. Accurate “simplicity” of the legendary bottle of frosted glass underscores the uniqueness of the creation.

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