Fall In Love With A Man In One Phrase

How To Fall In Love With A Man In One Phrase?

Contrary to popular stereotypes, men also love sweets, and they also love with their ears!

Men are very mysterious creatures, and you, like every woman, probably more than once wanted to get into his brain and read his thoughts. Especially if you are interested in him, then you want to find out what he thinks about you and whether you like him. There are many articles and courses on how to conquer a man, how to make him think of you, how to please and be interesting, and so on. Let’s talk about a magic phrase that will help you fall in love with a man.

So, to begin with, he must like you, that is, the first signs of sympathy should appear. This phrase, which we will now analyze, will work if you are already spending time together and you see that the man wants to be even closer to you and strives to take further steps. That is, what we are talking about does not concern the primary attraction of attention and flirting. So, when you understand that it is time and soon he will offer you something more, act. It goes something like this: “I see that you like me. I understand that you are very happy with me and we have a great time together. I have only one question: why did you choose me, why do you like me? ”


Variations may be different, not necessarily literally, that is, you say that “I see that you like me”, thereby confirming his inner sympathy and elevating yourself in his eyes. And then translate, I wonder why, but in the form “that there is nothing to love me for and in general I am fat”, or just by chance you just ask. After that, he will list all your advantages and fall in love even more, truly, because he will understand how cool you are and that you cannot be lost. The main thing is to say all this with ease and light coquetry, and of course, confidently. Such a psychological move gives a man the opportunity to speculate about you and understand that he really really likes you.

What is feminine strength?

The fact that a man is a hunter and needs to be attracted by provocations, manipulations, some kind of games, inaccessibility and a continuous mystery is no more than a stupid one

And red lipstick, short skirts, aggressively sexy bow – catch, but do not delay. Quite different qualities help to evoke strength in a man, a state in which he wants to be near you. Softness, tenderness, purity, calmness.

One of the manifestations of female wisdom is the ability to properly talk to a man:

  • shut up in time;
  • listen more than talk (in a ratio of about 80 to 20%);
  • Complimenting his masculine qualities;
  • DO NOT argue;


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