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101 ideas of perfect summer manicure could be

The summer season is the time when you can afford any experiments in the image. Unusual shades of gel polish, non-standard décor and other techniques that would look out of place in other seasons are used.

Summer manicure is hundreds of bright and expressive nail art, in which, in addition to classical floristry, there are such patterns as abstraction, geometry, sliders and stamping. We invite you to get acquainted in more detail with the current trends of summer 2020, they are radically different from the nail art of the previous summer season. So let’s get started.

#1 Stylish white summer manicure

White is one of the most relevant and demanded shades of the summer season. White gel polish is used both in manicure and pedicure, as it perfectly sets off tanned skin, makes nail art much brighter and more expressive.

A monochromatic white manicure, nail art with silver and rainbow foil, designs with glitter and rhinestones, gel toffee and other discreet décor look great in manicure. White manicure looks gorgeous on long almond and square nails, on short nails decorated with silver glitter.

When performing white manicure, use quality gel polishes such as O.P.I, Essie, Côte. They allow you to create a uniform, even coating in white, do not leave irregularities and unpainted areas.

#2 Negative Space Manicure

Abstraction, non-standard décor are the main trends of the upcoming season. Negative space looks great on long almond, square, oval nails. As a complement to manicure, use foil strips, patterns in the form of haze, dots.

Negative space looks great in matte texture. The design visually looks calm and restrained, looks great in everyday and business looks. The design looks great with negative space and stamping. At the same time, the pattern serves as the main accent of nail art, so make it as bright as possible.

#3 Nail art with fruits: actual summer trends

Fruit manicure is not a novelty for summer looks. Every summer season, girls try to decorate their marigolds with juicy and bright patterns with fruits. The trend of summer 2020 is fruits in the context. They look much brighter and more expressive than miniature lemons, oranges and other fruits.

It is better to place the fruit cut on 1-2 accent fingers, cover the rest of the nails with a solid white or any other light gel polish. Add freshness to your nail art with the droplets of the sheer top, simulating dew or rain drops. Such a design will not go unnoticed.

#4 Summer manicure with monstera leaves: stylish ideas

Monstera leaves look very bright and expressive on nails. This pattern looks especially beautiful on a white background. The combination of white and juicy green will be the best option for decorating almond long nails.

Manicure with monstera leaves is often complemented by geometric décor. The décor looks stylish with wide black stripes, design with foil stripes. In designs with monstera leaves, rhinestones are very rarely used. They are not appropriate in such a design, since the main emphasis is on the bright green décor.

#5 Marine manicure: actual summer trends

Marine manicure has also undergone changes. Now, instead of a complex décor with acrylic powder, imitation of sand, anchors and steering wheels, a laconic design with a blue haze, striped décor, original patterns with seagulls and inscriptions flaunt on the nails of fashionistas.

The design looks stylish with waves and glitter along the edge of the nail plate, sliders with a marine pattern and other simple décor. In marine manicure blue, white, red colors look beautiful.

#6 Bright summer manicure

Under summer looks, multi-colored marigolds in a variety of options look great. The trends of the season include:

  • gradient manicure in bright shades
  • manicure “different handles”
  • bright geometric design

For summer manicure, you can use the most unexpected shades: lemon, bright orange, light green. Use black gel polish stripes as an accent. Gradient décor can be done on certain parts of the design, for example, make a wide strip in the middle of the nail and fill it with a sugar gradient.

# 7 Foam manicure: summer trend

Foam or soap manicure is a novelty of recent seasons. Soap manicure looks great on a light background. Use white, pink, turquoise and other shades in which the foam pattern will be especially expressive and noticeable.

To create a foam manicure you need:

  • cover your nails with a solid color gel polish, magnetic gel polish or other glossy texture dilute a cool soap solution in a separate container
  • dip the nail in the foam and quickly place it in the lamp until the bubbles burst
  • fix the result with a glossy top

Many masters complement the foam manicure with a silver or pearl rub. Visually, such a manicure looks very gentle and feminine. Be sure to try this trendy nail design. It looks gorgeous on both short and long nails.

# 8 Summer pop art manicure: unusual nail art for every day

Manicure has long been a way to convey your feelings and emotions. The best helper in this is the lettering design. Such a manicure contains a phrase or slogan that will help inspire you or, conversely, calm you down.

Another way to get a meaningful manicure is with a pop art design. The trend is manicure with portraits, whole compositions and paintings. Such a design, undoubtedly, looks very bright and noticeable.

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