Fashion Designer Tom Ford

Fashion Designer Tom Ford! History of success

Tom Ford was born in Texas and gained popularity when he worked for the world famous Gucci fashion house.

A natural leader and a completely independent person from early childhood, at the age of 17, Tom leaves his native Texas and moves to live and study in New York. Here he enters one of the most prestigious universities in the country. And he becomes a student at the Faculty of Art History. Later, realizing that he made a mistake with the choice, he drops out of school and completely devotes himself to design.

He studies design at the Parsons School of Design and finishes it as a fashion designer. After completing his studies in New York, he went to Paris. Here he gains experience working for Katie Harwick. He is later recruited by Peri Ellis.

In 1990, luck smiled at him, and he began work as a designer in the then crisis-ridden, but already well-known fashion house Gucci. Here he is working on a women’s clothing line. After 2 years he was appointed director of design and after 2 more he already takes the post of creative director of Gucci.


In 1996, he received the title of the best designers of the year, which earns the attention and respect of colleagues. But in 2003 he ends his collaboration with the fashion house Gucci. For the brand itself, he did quite a lot. At the time of the release of his collections, the brand managed to regain its popularity, the famous loafers with a rainbow performed in the symbolic colors of the fashion house and sambo on a platform with a traditional emblem appeared thanks to him.

His retirement from the design business was accompanied by the release of his latest collection, which was so successful that it was sold out even before it was officially released to the mass market.

He founded his own brand called Tom Ford International in 2005. Along with this, Tom begins to actively work on a men’s clothing line. Today he is also known as the manufacturer of the popular men’s perfumery. In parallel with the development and production of men’s perfumes, a large number of unisex fragrances are produced under the brand.

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