How to choose a travel bag

We all certainly somewhere we go, whether it be a business trip or leisure travel in the country on the weekends.

Therefore, the idea that it would be nice to buy a travel bag from time to time to visit each one of us. In this article, we’ll discuss the features of the choice of this accessory.



Before you buy a travel bag, decide what you need it how often and how far you want to go with it. It will depend on the size of the bag. If you happen to travel periodically short trips, you can opt for a model medium or small size. For long family trips are best suited big roomy bags on wheels. The choice of size is also affected by mode of transport, which you will be traveling. Think about what the product should fit comfortably in the trunk of a car or on the luggage rack of the train.



For the production of travel bags are most commonly used leather, imitation leather, plastic and synthetic fabrics. Leather models feature high prices, are heavy and easily scratched, so in most cases, select them impractical. Samples of the leatherette such shortcomings do not have, and therefore more suitable for travel. You can buy a travel bag made ​​of cloth, but only for small amounts of luggage as a product has a low strength. Greatest practicality and durability characterized polyester, besides, it is rather inexpensive material.


The handles may be made of leather or fabric or metal. It is very important that the handle was comfortable enough, do not cut the hand and rubbed it. If the bag is designed to carry on the shoulder, note that there are special soft pads under the shoulder strap. Bag on Wheels certainly stock telescoping handle that extends to the desired height.


The wheels must necessarily easy and no squeak rotate on different surfaces and to be thoroughly attached to the housing. Preferably they are not made ​​of plastic and rubber.


Well when traveling bag has several compartments for different groups of items, for example, the Department for details, computer, inside pocket for documents, etc. It is also important to the outside were also small pockets for small items that could be useful on the road.

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