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Office manicure: TOP-5 nail ideas in a business style

Girls want to look stylish and great in any situation, whether they are at home, on vacation, or at work. A stylish and effective office image is made up of many factors, but such elements as makeup, manicure, and accessories play the main role in it.

Business style is picky about details. Office manicure is most often designed in calm gentle shades. He should not attract attention, attract enthusiastic or, on the contrary, amazed looks. Office manicure is an example of conciseness and restraint. This manifests itself in the color palette, patterns and décor.

New trends of office manicure

Many large companies are very sensitive to the appearance of their employees. The image of an ideal manager, secretary, office employee is thought out to the smallest detail, and is most often enshrined in a special guide. Office manicure is most often light pastel options with minor décor. This design looks appropriate under a white blouse, trousers or pencil skirt.

However, many girls are not at all happy that they have to limit their imagination to an exceptionally light color palette. They are not averse to diversifying their office manicure with bright colors and unusual designs. This is possible provided that the décor will be in harmony with the main background, will become a harmonious part of the entire nail art. We invite you to get acquainted with the current novelties of office manicure, which will help diversify your discreet office style.

#1 Office manicure with foil

Let’s omit such classic office-style nail art as monochromatic pastel, and immediately move on to options with an unusual and stylish décor. Rainbow or silver foil print designs look great on glossy and matte textures. Beige, gray, cream, almond manicure with silver foil looks especially attractive.

Foil imprints are often used to imitate French designs. To do this, you need to decorate only along the edge of the nail plate. In spring and summer looks, you can use rainbow foil, which on a matte light background will look less intense and bright.

The manicure using the “broken glass” technique looks original. Such nail art is performed in light blue, azure, pink shades. Despite the presence of shiny textures, the manicure looks restrained and strict.

#2 Office manicure for short nails

Office style involves not only the use of restrained shades, but also a limitation on the length of the nail plate. In many companies, long, irregular nails, such as pointe shoes or sharp, are unacceptable. Short marigolds have many advantages:

  • they are less likely to need adjustment
  • light pastel shades look great on short nails
  • With short nails, it is easy to print and do other office work

For short nails, you can choose monochromatic nail art with accent floral patterns, glitter manicure on the ring finger, designs with lace, foil stripes.

#3 Trendy Office Spider Web Gel Manicure

The gossamer gel has won the hearts of girls with its versatility and magnificent appearance. Popular are matte manicure with black and white gel-toffee, geometric manicure made with gel.

For the background coating, pastel shades are most often used: beige, cream, gray, white and others. In a monochromatic version, these tones look trite and dull, but the gel-toffee design transforms them, makes the design more interesting and effective. You can find a wide variety of gels on sale, but the classic black color is still the most popular. Chaotic lines with black gel will be a great complement to geometric and monochromatic nail art.

#4 Office manicure ideas minimalism

Office manicure and minimalism manicure are synonymous terms. Both of these areas are distinguished by the restraint of shades and décor. Minimalism manicure looks great in a matte texture with accent patterns in the form of twigs and leaves. The pattern is made using stamping, so the drawing is more detailed and more noticeable.

The actual patterns in minimalism manicure are floristry, geometry, geometric animals, abstract patterns with a haze. For a minimalist manicure, you can use not only light shades, but also colors such as mustard, light blue, lilac and others.

#5 Office marble manicure

Marble manicure looks very gentle and restrained. Natural textures on the nails ennoble the nails, make the fingers thinner and more graceful. Marble manicure looks most appropriate on long almond nails.

Marble manicure can be done in a variety of shades:

  • gray – a classic option for marble manicure that will perfectly fit into your office style
  • pink – looks brighter and softer than gray manicure. Can be used in conjunction with gold or silver glitter.
  • emerald – looks gorgeous in combination with white gel polish
  • burgundy – a bright and extraordinary solution for office manicure, it looks very expressive and noticeable

Several techniques are used to create a marble manicure:

  • hand-painted with manicure brushes – the pattern is created by hand, which allows you to get an effective and stylish design
  • design with foil – gel polish is applied to the nails, the nail is fixed with foil, which must be slightly moved along the surface of the marigold. As a result, you should get a delicate drawing without noticeable boundaries.
  • design with a plastic bag – the method of creating a manicure is identical to the previous one

Whichever method you choose to create a marble manicure, make sure that the drawing is as gentle and airy as possible. It is important to achieve a neat texture that mimics natural stones.

Office manicure doesn’t have to look dull and trite. Even in conditions of a strict dress code, girls find an opportunity to express their individuality. Here are 100 office manicure photo ideas that you can use to create your own business look.


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