learn how to walk in high heels

What is the secret of a beautiful gait

A woman in heels is beautiful, and if her gait is at a height, then men are fascinated by looking at her trail. However, for many ladies, walking in heels is just torture.

Today I will tell you about little tricks that will help you feel your best.

  • Imagine that you are not wearing high heels, but ordinary slippers or ballet flats. Step from heel to toe.
  • If you do not feel very confident in heels, then walk slowly, you should not trail. By the way, a leisurely gait is not only graceful, but also a sign of a confident woman.
  • For a beautiful gait, imagine a straight line in front of you and try to move strictly along it. This gait resembles the gait of models. You can practice at home.
  • The worst thing is when women putting on heels are leaning forward with their whole body. Control yourself, lean back a little.
  • Remember that when walking in heels, the steps will be shorter, this is normal. There is no need to try to take big steps, it is not only not beautiful, but also not safe.

A beautiful gait, as well as a refined perfume, adorn a woman and make others pay attention to her. In addition, with the correct gait, you can emphasize your figure and hide some of its flaws. A woman who walks beautifully and leaves behind a luxurious train of Amouage Epic cannot go unnoticed. It will be useful for every woman to master the technique of an easy and graceful gait.


Depending on the purpose, they distinguish: a gait for everyday life and a gait for working on the podium. The difference between the two gaits is mainly in the movement of the hips. A chic, professional podium walk will be out of place in a store or even on the street. For most women, it is enough to master the beautiful gait technique for everyday life.

Secrets of proper gait

The correct gait mainly depends on how the woman holds her head and back, as well as places her legs. In addition, it is important to make the correct movements of the arms and trunk when walking.

One of the important rules for a correct and beautiful gait is not to walk fast, so you need to leave the house in advance, and not run out at the last minute.

When walking, you need to set your legs not wide, otherwise your gait will look like a man’s. Do not forget to make sure that the toes are slightly turned to the sides when placing the feet. The gait will be calm and smooth if the leg moves first, and then the body.

With the correct gait, the length of the stride should be equal to the length of the bare foot. Your gait will look beautiful if the heels go along the same line. This gait attracts attention and enchants no less than the magical scent of Amouage Dia.

Walking in heels

Learning to walk beautifully in high heels is the dream of every woman. So that your feet do not look clubfoot, when walking, you need to put your feet with toes not inward, but apart. Many women, when walking in very high heels, step on the entire foot at once. This is not very correct. It will be more beautiful if the heel is put on earlier. To step first on the toe and only after that on the heel is not acceptable at all.


Another mistake when walking in high heels is walking on bent legs. If you want to walk beautifully and correctly, you must remember that the leg on which you are currently transferring the center of gravity must be straight.

Correct posture

Correct posture is the foundation of a beautiful walk. In addition, correct posture is the key to a woman’s health and beauty. Delightful Amouage and beautiful posture guarantee a woman’s attractiveness.

Posture is usually assessed by how a person stands. With correct posture, the torso and head are in line, the abdomen is drawn in, the chest is raised, the shoulder blades are pressed, and the shoulders are at the same level. This posture will allow you to quickly learn to walk beautifully.

To develop the correct posture, you must first of all learn to hold your head and shoulders correctly. To do this, you need to perform a simple exercise as often as possible.

Stand in front of a mirror with your shoulders aligned and your head straight. Wait 1 minute, then close your eyes and relax. After that, shake your head, rotate your shoulders several times and take the starting position. Open your eyes and check your posture and gait.

Learning to walk correctly and beautifully is not difficult, the main thing is to have the desire to work on yourself and be confident in your beauty and originality.

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