Manicure with chocolate “stains” has come into fashion

On the Internet, the trend is also called nail art with chocolate whipped cream. As the saying goes, all artists see differently.

Manicure decorated in brown tones or as it is often called “chocolate” has been in fashion for a long time. After all, a rich dark brown color is a very versatile “foundation” for creating a variety of designs, including both simple options and the use of complex techniques. We will consider the most interesting of them later in our article.

What should be a chocolate manicure: fashion trends

Despite the fact that a manicure, aged in a chocolate scale, looks self-sufficient even in a simple monochromatic design, nevertheless, nail masters tirelessly continue to experiment with this palette. As a result, many different designs appear, the most relevant of which this season are the following ideas for decorating marigolds.

“Pieces of Chocolate”. The brown palette is simply created in order to arrange marigolds in the form of a chocolate bar. You can create an imitation of a sweet treat using stickers, artistic painting and even volumetric sculpting. Often this design is complemented by gold or silver foil in the form of drips.


Important! Another design option for a “delicious” manicure is to imitate candy on the nails. Thin dark chocolate ornate stripes painted over a beige or light brown matte base look very stylish and appetizing.

Chocolate manicure: beautiful nail design ideas

Versatile and laconic, chocolate manicure fits into the idea of nail design for every day. Chocolate manicure is suitable for women of all ages and is often chosen for both office style and festive occasions. In this article, you will learn about the features of such a design, the possibility of combining with different colors and techniques, and also get inspired by the ideas of a beautiful manicure.

Choice of shade

The brown range includes many shades, among which it is especially worth highlighting a beautiful dark tone – chocolate. At the same time, chocolate can be warm or cold, rich or deep. Considering that this color got its name from the famous delicacy – chocolate, it is divided into two groups: light, dark. The light range is suitable for a casual look, as it contains neutral, calm shades: milk-coffee, gray-brown, light brown, milk chocolate. They are combined with pink, white and gray, as well as trendy matte effect or monograms. And the dark range is already more intense and even bright: red-brown, dark chocolate, dark brown. These colors are in harmony with red, beige, maroon and orange. Complemented with rhinestones and sparkles, folded foil and other decorative elements. Dark and deep colors with a glossy effect are great for an evening chocolate manicure for a chic finish.

Chocolate manicure

A universal option for any occasion, and this design also looks original on nails of any length and shape. Choose an ultra gloss or a cold matte effect, a monochromatic coating or a shine of mother-of-pearl – in 2018-2019, different nail techniques are popular, based on a brown scale. The chocolate tone is calm, but at the same time saturated, so it is successfully combined with clothes of different styles, does not focus on itself, but creates a complete image.

Chocolate manicure: design options

A single-colored coating can be easily complemented with rhinestones, sparkles, art painting, and so on. Chocolate tones are an ideal, unpretentious basis for creating any nail design, even the most unusual and original. Experiment with sparkles of different shades and shapes – in 2018, a pearlescent finish is relevant, even for every day. Also decorate one or more marigolds with rhinestones or large glitter. Trending designs 2018: geometry, monograms and decoration with golden elements – choose the option you like. Hit is a colored jacket, and in this case, brown.

Combined design

Take a beautiful chocolate color as a basis or focus on a few nails. Given the versatility of the brown range, it becomes possible to experiment with other shades and nail techniques. Chocolate tones are combined with many tones (cold and warm):

  • Pink
  • White
  • Orange
  • Bordeaux
  • Yellow
  • Lactic
  • Beige
  • Light green
  • Coral
  • Blue
  • Gold

Design “Chocolate”

Fashionistas will appreciate the most original and unusual design idea – chocolate and coffee motifs on the nails. It looks stylish and fresh, but it cannot be said that it is suitable for a casual look. To pair well with your daily fashion look, accentuate your ring finger nail or use water-based sliders with realistic designs. For fans of artistic painting, patterns on a sweet chocolate theme or laconic inscriptions, for example, “coffee”, are suitable. Stand out with a glossy top and enjoy a uniquely designed finish.

Chocolate manicure: a photo of chocolate-colored nails

Super sweet and super tasty chocolate manicure is equally relevant at any time of the year. But drawing it in winter is simply a must. Nothing warms up and cheers you up on a snowy winter day like a cup of hot chocolate. And if chocolate is also on the nails, then this is a double portion of endorphin. Our album contains photos of manicure in different chocolate tones. Take note!

Contrasting shades

What colors to choose for this nail design? You can choose from these:

  • Cappuccino;
  • Milk chocolate;
  • Bitter chocolate;
  • Terracotta;
  • Caramel;
  • Coffee with milk
  • Iris;
  • Cocoa;
  • Tea rose color;
  • Beige.

It is a versatile color. It is neutral and not very catchy, moreover, it is combined with a huge number of tones. Successful combinations will turn out with these shades:

  • Blue;
  • Grey;
  • Turquoise;
  • Cornflower;
  • Red;
  • Orange;
  • Yellow;
  • Gold manicure;
  • Green.

It is recommended to design chocolate colored nails with varnishes with the same texture. Glitter, matte and glossy surfaces in the same design are not allowed.

Three chocolates

Imitation chocolate is one of the types of geometry that is relevant in the new season. For such a manicure, any varnishes close to the chocolate scale are suitable: from dark chocolate to cappuccino color.

The design is quite simple:

  • It is necessary to start a manicure, like any other, from the base layer.
  • The color of the backing should be similar to the shade of milk chocolate. You need to apply 2 layers of gel polish.
  • When the varnish dries a little, use a thin brush to paint a dark coffee-colored mesh.
  • Then draw corners with the same color inside each cell. They should be in the same place.
  • Take a shade slightly lighter than the substrate (a light cappuccino is suitable) and draw corners in the opposite corner.
  • Thus, the dark and light corner forms a chocolate cube. And the difference in shades simulates light and shadow.
  • You can touch up the borders with the matte color using a thin brush.
  • Top with top to even out the pattern and speed up drying.

The chocolate manicure in the photo looks very appetizing. It can be safely used for cozy themed photo shoots. A flat drawing, due to the imitation of light and shadow, looks three-dimensional. The design will attract the attention of everyone around you.


A simple and elegant Ombré on nails in chocolate colors would be a good option. In this design, you should give preference to soft and pastel colors. The smooth transition will look good with tints of iris, cocoa and coffee with milk.

Floral ornament

It is recommended to decorate chocolate-colored nails with graceful petals or leaves, which should be placed closer to the base of the nail. The luxurious design is successfully combined with vintage jewelry and tone-on-tone lacquer stones.

Special effects

Coffee craquelure with a gold backing will be a good addition to an evening long dress. The design resembles the skin of a giraffe or a reptile and looks very impressive and unusual, bringing zest to any look.

Technique for making chocolate craquelure.


Concise and versatile design with colored stripes. It will suit any office outfit or casual style. It is very simple to execute. You need to carefully draw bright pink, yellow, green or blue lines over the chocolate backing lacquer with a thin brush with a hard bristle.

Leopard print

Chocolate nails can be diluted with an elegant animal print. Do not decorate all your fingers, just focus on one or two.

  • It is recommended to choose beige or caramel varnish as a substrate.
  • Using a toothpick or dots, apply dots with a light brown or golden varnish.
  • Add a few black or dark brown stripes and strokes with a thin brush.

Chocolate manicure: the secret of design and ideas of the season

The chocolate color of a manicure is considered noble and sophisticated. This season, it is among the top ten paints in the color palette, providing for execution in different techniques. Read on to learn how to make it not only beautiful, but also modern.

Chocolate tone belongs to the brown range, while the chocolate color coating itself can be different, which is determined by the type of varnish used for manicure. For example, a design can be done with gel polish:

  • Matte;
  • Glossy;
  • Temperature;
  • Magnetic;
  • Jelly;
  • Shimmery;
  • Craquelure;
  • Mirrored.

Each type of coating has its own characteristics, which determines its appropriateness in a particular design. The favorites of the season are lacquer products with a matte texture, thanks to which you can make velvety, velvety, velor or even satin manicure. Such coatings are distinguished by nobility and give a high status to the female image. Often they themselves become the highlight of the “bow”, and with a moderate emphasis on the design they acquire a luxurious look.

In the center of attention are gel polishes with a metallic effect, which allow you to add brightness to the design of your nails without getting bored with flashiness. The varieties of “cat’s eye” and “craquelure” have also returned to fashion. Today, these coatings are distinguished by a greater attractiveness of the texture, due to which it is possible not only to refine the manicure, but to demonstrate the full depth and versatility of the chocolate color.

Shimmery, pearlescent coatings allow you to add elegance to the design without the effect of vulgarity. Glossy counterparts are notable for the fact that they can be used for absolutely any design technique, including matte. These coatings can be easily matted using a matte finish.

Today, fashion is supportive of the fair sex. She does not limit women of different age groups and social status, inviting them to choose the best nail shape and texture for themselves. As for the shape of the nail plates, today it can be short, straightened, rounded or oval. In addition, moderate-length almond-shaped nails are back in fashion.

Almond nails

False nails are hopelessly outdated; today they are considered a sign of bad taste. In addition, false marigolds often fall away from natural ones at the most inopportune moment. Build-up, on the other hand, is popular and allows you to create any shape on a natural basis. In this case, you can not only lengthen the nails, but also straighten them so that they do not fall down.

As for decorating nails, today fashion clearly indicates that any design belongs to minimalism and lightness. No massive decorations and volumetric stucco molding are needed – the decor of the nails should be airy.

Chocolate color and an abundance of decor look tasteless together – everything should have a sense of proportion.

The theme of geometry is traced in the designs of the new season; such designs are considered the most trendy in the new season. And if earlier this was expressed in the form of geometric shapes, today in the design you can see a variety of hollow shapes layered one on top of the other, as well as straight lines with dots, prisms, polygons, colored rectangles, which sometimes make up an abstract pattern on accent nails of a manicure.

The priority is several color combinations, through which you can make a manicure elegant, without detracting from its nobility and status. For example, you can combine chocolate color with:

  • beige;
  • bleached coffee;
  • powdery;
  • gold;
  • white;
  • pink;
  • Marsala color;
  • light gray;
  • sandy;
  • cream.

This design involves the complete staining of nails with one color of varnish. If at the same time you use a matte velvety texture, such a design will look stylish, fashionable and expensive. For a classic manicure, they try to choose coatings with a dense texture that completely cover the nail plate.

French manicure in chocolate tones is often accented with gold, which, with a thin strip of a smile, looks quite beautiful and organic. An inverted jacket today resembles the outline of the nail along the contour, since it often reaches almost the top of the nail plate. The modern jacket tends towards asymmetry, therefore, in addition to the classic smile, it can be diagonal.

A manicure with holes, made in chocolate tones, looks expressive. If at the same time it is performed using the technique of negative space with non-painting of a part of the nail, then it also visually lengthens the nail. This is especially true for short nails. Today it is fashionable to make holes on accent nails, leaving the rest of the nails without unnecessary decor.

The best modern gradient is done with matte finishes in related colors. You can use several shades of brown, stretching from chocolate to light beige. For the design to be modern and high-profile, you need to make the transition of shades imperceptible and natural. In addition, it is advisable to use a matte gel polish with a velvety surface texture.

The use of acrylic powder allows you to give the surface of accent nails a special effect. Such a coating looks stylish and voluminous, although it is not worth decorating all fingers with it: the accent looks beautiful and expressive when it is not enough. A similar design is created simply: powder is applied to the top layer, after which the nails are dried under a special lamp.

This technique is especially popular today, although you need to know how to use it when it comes to chocolate color. Considering that the film looks differently on a dark and light background, it is better to decorate it not with the main chocolate color, but with accent nails of light contrast. So the design will correspond to fashion trends, but will not shout about its novelty with a sharp shine under the broken glass.

The chocolate color is a great tone for the veil technique. You can create the effect of nylon stockings by mixing a few drops of pigmented varnish with a transparent one. Nails are covered with a new product, after which drawings are created on them using chocolate-colored acrylic paint, and then the nails are covered with a top layer. Today, this design is considered one of the best and most elegant.

Decorating a chocolate manicure is a separate topic that deserves special attention. The fact is that the chocolate color cannot be called light. To visually make it more airy and more attractive, you need to carefully select decorative elements. Today they include:

  • all kinds of hand drawings and painting;
  • ready-made stamps or stamping;
  • confetti kamifubuki;
  • stickers, various in the method of fixation and volume;
  • stucco and volumetric decor;
  • golden dusting and rubbing;
  • rhinestones and other sparkling decor.

One of the best techniques for decorating a chocolate manicure is drawing. However, it is only relevant if done professionally. Small laces of contrast on a dark brown background look incredibly delicate and beautiful. This design is considered the best today.

If drawing is an overwhelming task, but you want to place beautiful accents, you should take a closer look at stamping. Today it is in demand more than ever and allows, with a minimum amount of time, to add beauty and a special mood to the design of nails. In addition, due to the thin lines of the pattern, the design acquires lightness and airiness.

Stickers with which you want to decorate a chocolate manicure are more difficult to select. The fact is that today design tends to be seasonal. The theme of the drawings should be related to a specific time of the year. The dark background color complicates the task, because it is difficult to attribute it to winter or summer, as well as to combine it with juicy or, conversely, cold colors of the color palette.

However, there is a way out: the drawings can be made in one color to match the chocolate or its contrast. It can be floral motifs, geometry, silhouettes of animals, faces, cats, birds, plants, leaves, ears and snowflakes. Stickers can be supplemented with single rhinestones.

The secret to successful design is to match the image and its color with the main shade of chocolate.

A master class on creating a chocolate New Year’s manicure, see below.


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