Ferrari 250 GTO

Ferrari stripped of design rights for one of the most expensive models

The Italian company now only holds a license to manufacture the 250 GTO sports toy cars.

Ferrari has lost the legal battle over the design of the iconic 250 GTO sports car – now replicas can be produced by anyone.

According to Car Scoops, in June 2019, Ferrari went to court, claiming that the Italian company Ares Design was planning to release 250 GTO replicas. The court ruled in favor of Ferrari.

Then, according to the Daily Mail, 250 GTOs were recognized as a work of art – the model came under copyright and intellectual property protection. This meant that any copying or other use of the car’s design was only possible with the permission of the copyright holder.


Moreover, in this way the car was equated with the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci or Pablo Picasso.

However, Ares Design then went to the Intellectual Property Office for the European Union, stating that Ferrari had not used the rights to the car, registered in 2008, for the last five years mandatory.

Ares Design stressed that Ferrari has not used the design since 1964. And when the Italian manufacturer applied for the design in 2007, it never really intended to use it. In the end, Ferrari lost and retained the design rights for the 250 GTO for toy cars only.

In 2018, the Ferrari 250 GTO became the most expensive car ever sold. In the United States, a 1963 car was sold at auction for $ 70 million. That particular car finished fourth in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and won a number of other competitions. Under its hood is a 3-liter V12 engine with 300 hp.


Previously, the Ferrari supercar starred in a remake of the cult car short. The French director shot the second part of the tape 44 years later.

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