The new aircraft will feel in the open sky

International Agency Technicon Design has developed the concept of private aircraft Ixion. The new private jet will be the panoramic camera on the outside and inside of a huge screen, but there will be no window.

In Ixion no windows. But the external part of the body dotted” cameras that transmit real-time image outside on the huge displays, replacing the plane of the wall. And since nothing but the sky outside is not present, the person seems to be that he is actually hanging in the open sky on his chair.

Ixion airplane

This is not the first concept, but the creators of Ixion added giant screens greater functionality. They can also transmit images and electronic devices, and hence, view photos, movies, and even hold a video conference. Or just put some meditative screensaver and dive into the reflection of the eternal.

Ixion airplane

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