Azimut Yachts

Company Azimut Yachts is located in Italy and is one of Italy’s leading builders and designers. Azimut-Benetti Group specializes in the construction of luxury motor yachts from 12 to 72 meters of ocean cruisers Benetti. Each boat, which appeared under the name Azimut-Benetti – a work of art, the work of the Italian virtuoso shipbuilding, designers and architects. All vessels are equipped with the latest technology .. It is famous worldwide because of excellence in design and build quality. Design yachts are considered progressive smart and perfect and modern design. These luxury yachts are a very large private demand, and they are widely used in the office.


Azimut Yachts serves customers in more than 130 locations around the globe.
Client offices, service centers, dealers, and representatives are located in Europe, Asia, North and South America.
The company’s headquarters: Avigliana Turin (Italy)
Azimut Flybridge Series offers the widest range flaybridzhnyh boat – from 40 to 100 feet luxury motor boats. Most are permanent nominees and winners of the most prestigious prizes, awarded as
shipbuilding professionals, or just passionate lovers and fans of sea travel.


Range of motor cruise ships expanded with the introduction in 1977, the model AZ 32 Targa: soon after, a full line of successful, luxury, motor cruisers and yachts have entered the market in all its glory.

The research program

Applied research programs are one of the starting points of the production system Azimut Yachts.

Research programs involve experimental production programs, which offer innovative solutions and find out the possibility of new ideas. Model to so-called test model yachts, offers companies the opportunity to try a variety of different designs, which contributes to the implementation of innovative solutions that improve the productivity and quality of life on board. This innovative approach to the marine industry has made a significant contribution to the Azimut Yachts leading company in the production of luxury yachts.

About fifty dealers are located on five continents and represent one of the best, structured networks, to international sales of yachts, both financially and technically. Find out about the availability of luxury motor yachts for sale in your area.


During the first year, each yacht is 20 meters long, gets two free technical service and maintenance services, if necessary. Each service includes checking more than 100 controls.

Dealer checks the basic functions of the system, such as the electrical grid, the system of fresh water and drain, tools, electronic navigation systems, drainage, pumps and much more. Second-sales service includes cleaning of the case and the application of anti-fouling coatings, zinc anodes are replaced, and all this is done at no charge to the owner of the yacht.

Any maintenance arising from the audits covered by the warranty (materials subject to wear and items that are not factory installed, are excluded from the warranty), available worldwide each dealer Azimut Yachts.

These services are provided to owners of yachts Azimut, sailboats and motorboats cruise ships in the Central and Eastern America, which suffered some damage covered by warranty, which allows them to soon to continue the journey in safety and satisfaction.

From mid-July to mid-September, the company Azimut Yachts kindly supplies its customers replacementboat, located in the most strategic ports in order to be the best way to serve the needs of the Mediterranean and Florida. Replacement yacht assigned according to the priority of the request and the extent of damage, the yacht is delivered within 24 hours. New yachts remain at the disposal of clients at a time, until the end repairs. This service is guaranteed for all vessels from 12 to 24 meters. Customers are responsible only for fuel, mooring, and food and lodging for the captain.

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