The day of the week of your birth determines the character

The day of the week of your birth determines the character

How can you find out your day of the week on which you were born. We type our date of birth in the search engine and get the desired result – from Monday to Sunday

What day of the week did your mother give birth to you? Each person who was born on a specific day of the week has its own characteristics. Everyone knows their principles without any tests. And yet, you may be interested to know what the stars have to say about it. Do we read and check if these principles apply to you?

Finding out the day of the week by date of birth is not difficult. But for a person, the day when he was born has no small role – each day of the week is patronized by a certain planet, which imposes on a person the emotional background of his whole life.

So, how can you find out your day of the week on which you were born. We type in our date of birth in the search engine and get the desired result – from Monday to Sunday.



If a person was born on Monday, the Moon rules his life, and such a person can be called lunar. Everything that happens to him, everything he does, passes through his soul, therefore such people always have a lot of experiences, their soul is constantly working, learning about the world on an emotional level. It is not easy to be a moon man, because his psyche is always tense. Many lunar people become clients of neuropathologists and psychoanalysts. Communicating with friends, lunar people talk a lot about painful things, about what is happening in their soul.

People born on Monday, as a rule, choose a humanitarian profession, do charity work, work with handicapped, suffering people. Such a person can become an excellent healer of human souls, absorbing the suffering of others, absorbing the pain of others on an invisible plane. Being himself emotional, impressionable, vulnerable, the lunar man attracts similar lunar energies of other people to himself. The moon is a female planet with negative energy, therefore, the lunar person collects negative energy all his life. And the more the moon man sees suffering around him, the more difficult it is for him to live. Such a person needs humility, faith in God, since only in this case human suffering will pass through him without causing significant damage to his psyche. If the lunar person counts only on his own strength, believes only in himself, thinks that on his own, without help from above, he relieves people from suffering, then he is unlikely to be able to cope with the experiences accumulated in his soul and very soon he will get sick, exhausted, and may even go crazy …

So that a child born on Monday does not become a victim of his abilities, does not tear his psyche with other people’s suffering, you need to teach him not to retain negative energy in his soul, forget about the troubles that happened to him, teach him to live for today, solve today’s problems and not to return in your memory to what you have experienced, to what you cannot return, you cannot correct.


The constant emotional saturation of lunar people often makes them romantics, melancholic, which in no way contributes to physical labor, engaging in pressing issues. The moon man floats with the flow of life and rarely takes up the oars. He needs a powerful incentive to create. Moon children during their studies are easily distracted from the subject they are studying, they are more willing to go to school if their teachers are nice, kind, sincere and gentle women. The moon is the mother’s planet, so the mother of the moon child is the most important person in his life. His success in many areas of life, his self-esteem, health of soul and body depend on how harmonious the relationship of the lunar man with his mother is. Pets, younger brothers and sisters, dolls are useful for the development of a lunar child, because such a child, regardless of gender, has maternal qualities, and everyone whom he can take care of will help him in unleashing his potential.

The moon is the planet at home, household chores, so lunar people like to spend time at home. They suffer greatly from the lack of a home, their room and frequent moving. They can become experts in any profession related to residential buildings and the organization of everyday life. The moon is the planet of the family, and it is very difficult for lunar people without a family. In many ways, their success in public life, the level of their income depends on the fact of the presence or absence of a family and on the climate at home, on the relationship with their spouse. A moon child needs a family and a home no less than an adult. Throughout life, any Monday is a happy day for lunar people, when they can solve the most difficult problems of their life, make the only correct decision. Once every few years, a happy year happens in their lives, which began on Monday – this is the most favorable period for the beginning of any serious activity, a change in the way of life.


Monday people are gifted with a lively mind, ambition, dedication, diligence, commitment. They are responsible for their words and actions. They are charming, they have developed intuition, they are distinguished by independence and originality of views, assertiveness and enterprise. Monday people are lucky, they easily comprehend science, are prone to languages, music and poetry. Honor and glory accompany them on the path of life. They often fall in love early, but their feelings are long and strong. Their marriages are most often happy, especially if they do not allow negative traits of their character to spill out. In their youth, they are prone to childhood and adolescent diseases: all kinds of inflammation, boils, carbuncles, bronchitis, otitis media. However, after 28 years, their health stabilizes and diseases most often go away.


If a person was born on Tuesday, Mars rules his whole life and he can be called a Martian. The Martian loves speed, fast driving, as Mars is the planet of speed. High speed may not bring him joy, but in the life of such a person, many events develop rapidly. A Martian can achieve a lot in a short period of time, become a big man in his youth, start a family early. The theme of speed runs throughout his life. Often such a person loses interest in matters in which he cannot achieve a result for a long time, loses interest in people for whom the process is more important than the result. One of the advantages of a Martian is his initiative and the ability to do any job quickly. Over the years, the Martian learns from his own experience that initiative is punishable, and tries to be less proactive. It is often said about people born on Tuesday that work is burning in their hands.


Regardless of skill, it is much easier for a person born on Tuesday than people born on other days of the week to win competitions in which the result depends on speed, for example, to win a sprint competition. Martians love to set goals and objectives for themselves and other people, they often go ahead to their goal, crushing any obstacles. The goal set before them attracts them, gives them an incentive for life and struggle. High-speed Mars gives impulsiveness, creates conditions in which it is difficult or impossible to stop and think before making decisions or performing actions. Often, the Martians first say and do something, and then begin to think if they did the right thing, if they said something superfluous. There are few problems in the life of a Martian, but impulsiveness, excessive haste is one of them. Excessive haste will not cause trouble for the Martian if his parents can teach him to weigh every word, to think over every action.

A young Martian can be lazy only because he does not see activities for himself that can bring an interesting result for him. For a young Martian to want to learn, you need to set a clear goal and explain its attractiveness. A young Martian can completely lose interest in learning if the learning process is too long, so you should not make him sit for many hours at a time over textbooks and explain the subject of study to him for a long time. The best method of getting an education for a Martian is external studies. Regardless of gender, Martians have many masculine qualities, since Mars is a masculine planet. A man born on Tuesday will strive for the title of a real man. Women can be brave, courageous, strong and courageous, often forgo women’s clothing and wear pants. Both of them, as a rule, are interested in men’s entertainment: they love cars, go to the gym or a shooting club.


Any Martian possesses many masculine qualities and has the ability for masculine pursuits. You will greatly help the Martian if, during his youth, you teach him how to handle metal tools, teach him how to ride a bicycle and a car, understand the mechanics of metal structures, shoot a pistol and use sharp, stabbing and cutting objects. Sports will be very useful for any Martian, especially exercises with metal devices, because Mars is in charge of metal, and contact with metal will make the Martian more self-confident. Any Martian is capable of simultaneously starting several things, becoming a pioneer. His body and psyche are often tense from the constant readiness to discover new things. It is not uncommon for Martians to suffer from overvoltage.

Martians are people of fire. They can be pyromaniacs – campfire lovers or firefighters. Mars is a planet of aggression and war, and in potential any Martian is a brave soldier who does not need to be trained to fight. They can be both theorists and practitioners of military affairs. If you notice in a young Martian a love for fights, arguments, the ability to create conflict situations, seriously engage in his upbringing – teach not to destroy, but to create, since a Martian fighter can grow up to be an extremist. Throughout their lives, any Tuesday is a happy day for the Martians, when they can take on any business, solve the most difficult issues of their life. The year of Mars can also become happy for such people – the year when their next birthday fell on Tuesday.


People born on Tuesday are distinguished by a sharp mind, they grasp on the fly, but often their knowledge is superficial, shallow. They have logic and are critical of everything that they don’t like. They are resourceful, witty and energetic, but they need to cultivate consistency and perseverance in achieving goals. Their health condition depends on success in business, even in infancy it is noticeable. If there are enough toys and books, then they are healthy, if they are not given something, then they start to get sick. People on Tuesday are susceptible to nervous disorders, stutterers and those suffering from insufficient mobility of the tongue are often found, they have weak lungs, and as a result, frequent pleurisy, pneumonia.


If a person was born on Wednesday, his life is ruled by Mercury and he can be called a Mercurian. Mercury is the planet of youth and lightness, and the Mercurians, regardless of age, can feel young, look good, and remain mobile people to a ripe old age. They can become specialists in body rejuvenation. An actual topic in the life of a Mercurian may be the topic of friends-friends, brothers and sisters, because it is Mercury who is in charge of friendly relations, determines relations with brothers and sisters. A Mercurian may love his brothers, sisters and friends, may treat them badly, may have many friends or not one, but this topic is important to him, worries him. Brother, sister and friends can give a Mercurian much more than parents.


A young Mercurian is often fidgety, very mobile, easily distracted. Such children need to be taught wisdom in motion, while playing, walking, in transport. The learning process should not be intrusive, but go unnoticed. There is much that a Mercurian can be taught by his brothers, sisters and friends, even more than his parents and teachers. It is more useful for a lagging Mercurian to work out with an excellent friend than with a tutor. Mercury is the enemy of constancy, because it is a planet of movement, constant change. Both young and adult Mercurians often change their attitude towards people and situations. You should not scold the young Mercurian for the fact that he too often changes friends or the decor in his room. He needs change like air. He will feel bad if there are no changes around him, so from time to time it is useful to update the furnishings in his room, to buy him new clothes and toys more often.

The more mobile the Mercurian and the more varied his life, the better he feels. Most of all, young Mercurians need communication on an equal footing. They will feel more confident, insure themselves against possible complexes, if they can call adults by their first names without patronymics, they will refer to them as friends, using “you”. In the upbringing of a Mercurian, a prohibition is unacceptable, since Mercury is the planet of freedom. By prohibiting something to the Mercurian, especially communication or outdoor games, we create an excellent base for complexes. Try to create conditions for the young Mercurian in which there would be no point in banning. Mercury is in charge of speech, information, the process of thinking, primary education, and often the Mercurians have problems with speech, there is a desire to become a speech therapist, to do work related to the collection and transmission of information.


A Mercurian can become a good elementary school teacher, journalist, writer, bookseller. It is useful to teach a young Mercurian to read as early as possible, teach them to express their thoughts succinctly, collect information and use it. It is useful for him to learn poetry, play intellectual games, parents should talk to him more often. The more well-read the Mercurian is, the more fluently he will own the word, the more confidently he walks through life. Mercurians can be cunning and dexterous, capable of commercial activities. Young Mercurians can be terrible deceivers, but you should not scold them for this, you need to teach them how to use your cunning so that no one suffers from it. This will help outdoor games, especially football and even playing cards. Throughout the life of a Mercurian, any environment is a happy day for him, when he can take on the most difficult cases. But the most successful periods of life are the years of Mercury, which began on Wednesday.

People of the environment have a rather bizarre combination of character traits. They are often peacemakers, strive for justice and harmony, for creation and balance. They hate enmity and bloodshed. The people of the environment have many plans, but trying to implement them, they face difficulties and serious opposition. They have many enemies, as they tend to put pressure on others. The health of people in the environment is above average, and the margin of safety in stressful situations is great. They quickly regain their strength and again rush to conquer the peaks. People of the environment are often accompanied by injuries, especially the head. After thirty years, you need to protect the intestines, internal organs and the spine.



If a person was born on Thursday, Jupiter rules his life and such a person can be called a Jupiterian. Jupiter is the planet of expansion of the sphere of activity and sphere of influence, the planet of large-scale actions, therefore Jupiterians are able to think globally. They want a lot from life, they often set grandiose goals for themselves, it is difficult for them to take small steps, they want to achieve their goals quickly. Whatever business the Jupiterian undertakes, he is able to expand it to infinity. Jupiterians have a tendency to exaggerate, which spoils their lives. The Jupiterian wants to be a big man and often overestimates his capabilities. He can become a very important person in society, a respected, influential person, but for this he needs either connections with such people, or a very good education, since Jupiter is associated with higher education. A Jupiterian can become a university teacher, an excellent teacher who conveys to people not a set of information, but deep knowledge. He can become any professional in the field of education.

Jupiter is the planet of influential people, and a Jupiterian throughout his life can depend on the benevolence of some people, on the mood of his superiors, the favor of rich and influential relatives. He himself can provide serious support to people to whose fate he is not indifferent. Jupiter is the planet of social activities, and it can be difficult for a Jupiterian to establish a personal life, because social activities, work take away too much time and energy from him, and are often more interested in family problems than home. The Jupiterian can be a careerist; and a young Jupiterian often dreams of the life of a business man. The Jupiterian has the ability for a successful business. He needs to be given the best education, otherwise he will have a hard time in life. Jupiterians can be uncollected in their studies. They want to get serious knowledge, and the basics are not interesting to them.


Try to teach the young Jupiter not to exaggerate the difficulties. Whatever problems he faces, do not agree that they are serious, always say that any problems are solvable and most of them are just a trifle. Jupiter is related to the overseas topic and Jupiterians can have good foreign language skills, so it is very helpful to teach a young Jupiterian several foreign languages. Such people can easily communicate with foreigners, know geography perfectly, become travelers, have a craving for overseas lands, a desire to change citizenship. For the harmonious development of a young Jupiterian, it is useful to teach geography, to send on travels or to study abroad. Any Jupiter is capable of a philosophical view of life, can be a deeply religious person, since Jupiter is in charge of philosophical and religious teachings. A Jupiterian can become a preacher, a spiritual teacher.

Knowledge of philosophy and religious scriptures helps him in life, gives him faith in his own strength, so it is useful to familiarize the young Jupiterian with the sacred texts of religious scriptures and the works of philosophers. However, you should not impose any religion on him. The Jupiterian is able to create his own spiritual school, philosophical system, open a new direction in any science. Throughout a Jupiter’s life, any Thursday is the most fortunate day, and the year of Jupiter, which began on Thursday, can be a very fortunate period when the Jupiter will be able to make the most of his abilities and achieve much.


Those born on Thursday have a pure soul and a kind heart. They are fair and always take the side of the offended. They are ready to share the last piece of bread and give the last shirt. In the family and among the close circle, they are generally favorites. They are characterized by external and internal beauty. They are surprisingly consistent in their plans and at work. But they need to correctly calculate their strength, otherwise, giving all their best, they can get a nervous breakdown. They always have money. The people of Thursday are endowed with creative imagination, among them there are many poets, writers, artists. They are great organizers and achieve great results in any industry. Their health is subject to sharp influences from outside. In winter – colds, in autumn – stress and depression. Diseases of internal organs, heart and blood vessels haunt them all their lives. They should not overcool and overstrain the nervous system.


If a person was born on Friday, Venus rules his life and such a person can be called a Venusian. Being at the mercy of the planet of feelings and pleasures, the Venusian is very picky about the conditions of life, he can feel good only in comfortable conditions, he constantly needs new and new pleasures. He will not be able to study on an empty stomach or in a cool room. Venusians are almost constantly at the mercy of some strong feelings, they like to do things that cause pleasant sensations, for example, working or walking in nature, doing gardening, working with beautiful people. Venusians are sensual natures, feelings, as a rule, are more important to them than common sense. For the development of the abilities of a young Venusian, it is useful from an early age to be introduced to work on the ground, work with wild, garden or indoor plants; more emphasis in his training should be placed on biology and chemistry.


Earthly Venus, the planet of beauty, makes the subject of the physical body relevant, and the Venusian is often concerned about his health and appearance. To be confident in himself, he needs to look good. Venusians have an innate taste and are able to decorate the world around them, often choosing a profession related to beauty. The more a Venusian can do with his own hands, the more confident he feels and the more he achieves in life. Venus gives us various desires, makes us choose, therefore Venusians are full of desires, very demanding on the quality of the purchased things. Being a planet of the earth element, Venus gives a love of money, the desire to receive a stable income. Venusians are willing to work honestly for a small, but stable salary. In order for the Venusian to be more adapted to life, he should be taught to work from an early age, it is necessary to show him the need for labor. Let him help you with the housework and start earning money on his own as early as possible.

Since Venus is a female planet, Venusians easily find a common language with women, they have many friends, women are more interested in them than men. Often, Venusians choose to work in a women’s team, become specialists in women’s issues. It is more useful for a young Venusian to communicate with women than with men, since it is they who are able to teach him a lot, give him something very important for his development. Throughout life, every Friday is a lucky day for a Venusian. Any events that happen to him on this day are good for him. It is on Friday that it is easier for the Venusian to decide on an important step, a responsible conversation, it is on this day that he receives great support from higher powers. Each year of Venus, that is, the year that began on Friday, is a happy year for him, when he has the double support of the ruler of his life, Venus.


People born on Friday sometimes have conflicting traits in their character traits. They can be both good and evil, accommodating and stubborn in little things, In their souls there is often a struggle between truth and lies, between light and darkness. This is especially evident in those who were born at the hour of sunset. Friday people are hypersensitive and vulnerable. They instinctively “read” people and always hide their opinions about others, But sometimes they are cruel and speak in the heat of even more than they should, although when they cool down, they always suffer from what was said.

Friday people are distinguished by logical thinking, they give practical advice to others, but because of their natural laziness, they themselves do not always use their qualities for their own development. If a person on Friday was born in a wealthy family, there is a chance that he will never develop his best qualities, but will only go with the flow of life until changes come in his life. As for health, the heart, stomach and liver most often suffer from nervous stress. In addition, there are “problems” with the kidneys and bladder, and in later years, leg injuries and joint dislocations are possible.


If a person was born on Saturday, Saturn rules his life and the person can be called Saturnian. Saturn is the planet of trials and limitations, and, as a rule, Saturnians perceive their fate as a trial, a cross that must be humbly carried through life. The life of a Saturnian is difficult from birth. It is difficult for a Saturnian to enjoy life. The most he can do is to be philosophical about his difficulties. Saturn is the planet of evil fate, limitations, fortitude, and the life of a Saturnian is full of fatal accidents, he lives for a long time in limitations, fate tempers his spirit. The Saturnian lives in constant spiritual and physical stress, and the stronger his spirit and body, the easier it is for him to endure the blows of fate. In the upbringing of a young Saturnian, the main emphasis should be placed on hardening his spirit and body.


From early childhood, it is useful to temper it in various ways. It is unacceptable to pamper him, you need to do everything so that he grows up as a strong person, self-confident, able to independently solve his problems. If a young Saturnian falls, do not rush to help him, let him get up and calm down himself. Feeling the strong support and care of the parents, the Saturnian will not learn to be independent. A ban in his upbringing is very useful and even necessary, since it will help him at an early age to come to terms with fate and more easily endure its blows in adulthood. The Saturnian can be a harsh, emotionally restrained, very demanding and even evil and cruel person, because this is the nature of Saturn – the ruler of his life, determining the basic qualities of his nature. The harsh nature of the Saturnian can repel people from him, but thanks to this character, this person can become an excellent specialist in the field of strengthening the spirit and body, an expert in any field where physical endurance, strength of character, and high self-control are needed. Regardless of their physique, Saturnians are very hardy and are able to work for a long time without rest, lack of sleep, and malnutrition.

These are real workers, ready for any job, just to improve their financial situation. A young Saturnian must be taught to work from an early age, even if he learns in his youth what a piece of bread is worth. It is useful for him to engage in sports that require endurance. The Saturnian can be a great coach in these kinds of sports. Saturn is the planet of conservatives, and Saturnians are often very conservative in their views, they hardly change their habits, “lag behind life.” Thanks to conservatism, the Saturnian can be a great fan of the classics, with great respect for traditions. Often, the Saturnians take on the function of the keeper of what should remain unchanged, for example, they become museum curators, collectors of antique items. Any Saturnian has the ability to preserve what he touches. The things serve the Saturnian longer than people born on other days of the week. As a rule, Saturnians are not influenced by fashion and build their lives according to their own rules.


Many philosophical teachings say that a person comes to Earth to change, to become better. But for a person living under the influence of Saturn the conservative, it is difficult to change. It is difficult for such people to develop their abilities, so the more abilities he discovers in himself in childhood, when the spirit is more mobile, the more interesting his life will be. Traditions, rules and laws are important for the Saturnian, since Saturn is the planet-legislator. The Saturnian can become a keeper of traditions, an agent of the legislative system, an employee of the bodies that monitor the implementation of laws and regulations. The Saturnian is able to be content with little, can be very economical and often becomes an economist. He has qualities that allow him to see unnecessary objects, he loves strict simple forms, is able to simplify life, relieve himself and others from unnecessary difficulties. The Saturnian has an innate sense of proportion, which can make him an expert in the exact sciences. It is useful for a young Saturnian to ask questions about quantity more often, for example, to ask him “How much do you want …”. This will help him discover a sense of proportion in himself. But, regardless of his desires, never give him a lot of food, toys, and other things. Teach him to be content with little.

Saturn is the planet of bosses, it is associated with relationships with elders in age or position, therefore, for a Saturnian, relationships with their own father, older brother, and bosses are very important. A good relationship with his boss or with his father helps him to get well in life even more than an excellent education. A Saturnian who grew up without a father or other authority will seek a replacement for him all his life, choose a spouse with the qualities that he would like to see in his father. The absence of a father, a bad relationship with his father is a disaster for him. It is the father or someone who replaces him who will be able to teach the Saturnian a lot, reveal his potential, give the upbringing and education necessary for the successful implementation of his life program. Any Saturday is a happy day for a Saturnian, when he should take on the most difficult cases, make responsible decisions. The year of Saturn, that is, the year that began on Saturday, can also be a happy year. Although the year of Saturn is a difficult period for most people, the Saturnian in such a year has the double support of the ruler of his life and can achieve a lot.


Those born on Saturday are either very good or very bad, they are dominated by conflicting qualities of character in the highest manifestation. If they are smart, then they do everything excellently; if they are stupid, then stupidity is accompanied in everything. In any case, they are very emotional and this trait is key in their character throughout their life. Possessing great magnetic power, they can win the attention and love of even the most non-contact people. They easily adapt to any environment, but sometimes they fall under the influence of someone else’s will and often suffer from this. They hate quarrels, scandals, but intriguers are often found among them. Their resourceful mind allows them to see events several moves ahead and build it according to their own design. But their fate is often changeable: either they fly high, then they rapidly fall down, Ups and downs accompany them all their lives, undoubtedly, this causes them some moral damage, but nevertheless, does not knock them out of the saddle. They are meticulous, always sort things out to the end. But they themselves often play a double game. There are always false and defamatory rumors about them. They are efficient, they never waste time. They can be excellent civil servants, and it will not be difficult for them to manage an enterprise and a country. Among them there are many investigators and judges, excellent diplomats. In childhood, they usually do not get sick with anything, the nose with age appears diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and disruption of the endocrine glands. Sabbath people are often involved in accidents.


If a person was born on Sunday, the Sun controls his entire life and he can be called a solar person. Such a person will feel like a creator. As a rule, sunny people have more ideas than time to implement them. In addition, the Sun gives organizational abilities, therefore such a person is always looking for those who would embody his ideas, orders the implementation of his ideas to specialists, but the thought of an independent embodiment of ideas comes to him last. It is much more pleasant for a sunny person to imagine how ideas become reality than to get down to business for the sake of implementing their projects. Sometimes they say about such people that they are not of this world, since they live in a beautiful fantasy world. The greatest thing we can do for a child born on Sunday is to preserve and develop his fantasy and imagination, not to deprive him of the joy of inner creativity. From an early age, a sunny child should be taught drawing, singing, dancing, taken to the theater, to art exhibitions, and introduced to creative people. Let him not become a great dancer, singer or artist, but learning this will help him in life, make him feel more confident, start an independent life earlier and achieve more.


The sun gives us a feeling of joy and a feeling of love, and, as a rule, sunny people throughout their lives are optimists, believe that everything is going for the best, often smile, exude positive energy of kindness and love, and are constantly looking for an object for new love. someone with whom they could exchange solar energy of joy and love. Life is much more likely to make such people happy than upset. Answering the question “How are you?”, They can sincerely say that they are doing well and even great. The sun symbolizes the personality, individuality of each of us, and a solar person is able to clearly manifest his individuality, to declare himself as an unusual person. He is capable of unconventional actions and thoughts. It is very important not to suppress the unconventional manifestations of the solar child.

Very often people born on Sunday show interest in luxury, strive to live beautifully. If a child born on Sunday shows more interest in beautiful things than in creative pursuits, it is necessary to seriously engage in his upbringing, making him interested in any business. Sun people are very reluctant to engage in monotonous work and affairs in which they do not find joy. It is necessary to find such a case for the child that would touch the strings of his soul and every day give him new emotions and information; it is better to teach him several things at once, then he will be interested. The sun is a planet of luxury, and, regardless of the needs of a solar person, he can live his whole life or a significant part of it in luxury or in the immediate vicinity of luxury, for example, being an employee of a museum or a jewelry company.


One of the best manifestations of a sunny person is nobility, the ability to make generous gifts. Just as the Sun gives us its energy, the Sun man is capable of grand gestures. Those born on Sunday should appreciate this day, because it is on Sunday that they will be able to find solutions to the most difficult problems. The year when a sunny person celebrates his next birthday on Sunday can be called a happy one. The year of the Sun promises each person to receive joy, creative inspiration, but for a sunny person it will not be just a year of joy, but a year when he will be able to implement the most important projects, fundamentally change his life.

People born on Sunday have a large supply of energy. They are kind and merciful. In a difficult situation, they always find a way out and help others find it. However, some of them sometimes succumb to a depressive state of mind and hardly get out of them. This is mainly affected by those born in winter. Sunday people love changes in life, they can hardly endure loneliness, they have many friends and acquaintances, they easily find a common language with everyone. They always have their own point of view, they know how to defend it. People born on Sunday are easy to learn science and always have a wide outlook. They skillfully make life plans and achieve their plans gradually, calculating their strength at any distance.


Being of high mind and independent character, they are leaders in everything that they undertake. They hate restrictions and rebel against them. Through their own efforts and their energy, they rise above the social environment prescribed by birth. The health of Sunday people is strong, but they give themselves to work so much that they often suffer from someone else’s injustice, as a result, a heart attack often knocks them out of a rut, and bronchial asthma and ulcers affect their body. A carefully chosen diet and exercise help them get back on their feet quickly. During a period of illness, they are better off alone. This will help focus the energy on healing. Physically they are well built.


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