3 Jokes That Are Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

3 Jokes That Are Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

Warm-up is necessary for a person, like toning exercises.

What do we know about a warm-up for a sense of humor? It turns out he also needs to be trained. Our charisma needs training. Stephen Colbert is one of the outstanding comedians, is a witty presenter from whom you can take an example in this matter and elements for training a sense of humor.

It turns out that Stephen has special examples that we can use to improve our skills in the described area of ​​humorous conversation. The first of his effective tricks is to present a question to the public in the course of a conversation and when everyone expects a completely logical answer, abruptly make it unexpectedly and contrary to the expected response. For example, his words that America is perfect – in a humorous interpretation ends – “… And we need to fix it”.


Another feature of the humorous genre is the ability to give the lines of several characters. This is when, telling a story, you pass yourself off as one person, then as another and at the same time intensify emotions. People perceive your game and start laughing.

And finally, the “continuation of the joke” method. This does not require inventing a funny story, it is enough to continue the interlocutor’s joke. Listen to him first, and then either supplement it with a witty and no less funny remark, or simply end the joke with a logical and witty statement. The listeners will already be involved in humor and laughter, and your words are perceived as one with the joke that your interlocutor started.

Apply these simple rules as a workout and you will see how fun these techniques are. And you will be appreciated as a perky and witty interlocutor with a great sense of humor. Watch the video about these rules on the channel Art of Charisma

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