How To Correctly Attract The Attention Of Men
How To Correctly Attract The Attention Of Men

How To Correctly Attract The Attention Of Men

Any woman is worried about the question – how to attract the attention of a man she liked?

Men are depressingly impressed by a woman who desperately needs a partner. Therefore, it is always more correct to pretend that you have someone else.

On the first dates, you need lightness, flirting, a woman should slip away, not finish talking and remain unattainable. A man wants to seek a woman, he needs a game, he was a hunter a long time ago and ran after prey, therefore he is so attracted by everything that runs away from him. First you need to be very intrigued, promise (non-verbal) bliss, and then run away (not too fast) and he will definitely follow you.

I only reflect the good

We use the techniques of physiological adjustment to align the energy, to be “on the same wavelength” with the man. You learn to reflect his values, to capture what he really likes and to “mirror” it. And it turns out that when he is with you – he feels good, but without you – bad. There are anchoring techniques – you “anchor” moments of joy, good mood, tenderness, drive, and then, when he suddenly feels bad or sad, reproduce these moments – and he will feel good. You help your man to always be in a positive state. On a subconscious level, a person will be grateful to you for this.


Water does not flow under a lying stone

They say that a good acquaintance is a lucky break. And the case cannot be planned. But if you have planned to improve your personal life, you will go more to meetings, to cafes, more often to visit different companies. Therefore, the chances are getting more.

Start from scratch!

What prevents a woman from getting along with a man who seems to be perfect for her? Her past bad experiences.

When a woman becomes self-confident, when old grievances, fears, frustrations disappear, the attitude towards men changes by itself.

And for this you need to understand what a man needs to be happy, and give it to him.


And, we must pay tribute, the fair sex in this matter is very successful. Some tricks have been known to us women since infancy. For example – an alluring, open gaze, from which men are dizzy and self-control is lost.

Even if you have a rich and spiritual inner world, a man is unlikely to notice him unless he is disguised by a woman in a beautiful package. Whether a man pays attention to you or not depends on the appearance, neatness, and style of clothing.


The most important thing to attract a man is having a narrow waist, long legs and an accentuated chest. Therefore, in clothes, prefer belts, short skirts and bras that emphasize all the virtues you inherited from nature. Of course, it sounds pretty trite, but this is what attracts the male eye in the first place.

Don’t forget about high heels, which will give your posture a special grace and lengthen your legs. Perhaps men themselves do not notice this, but first of all they will pay attention to the woman who is wearing high heels.

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