How to meditate anywhere

How to meditate anywhere

Are you on vacation? Or, on the contrary, busy working days? In any case, take your meditation practice with you – it takes neither space nor much time – only a few minutes. Whether you are sitting on the beach or in the office, follow these 5 tips and you will find peace and a sense of balance.

1. Start small.

Just as we train our physical muscles, our mental muscles also have similar developmental phases. When you are just starting to meditate, even 3 minutes of pratkiki can seem like an eternity to you – so do not rush things and do not choose long meditations for yourself. Three minutes of practice is enough to start.

2. Do it your way.

Is it difficult to sit still? This is optional. If you are spending time in nature (and we hope you are!), Do the 10-minute walking meditation. When you go somewhere, pay attention to the physical sensations in the body, to the flow of breath; what you see and hear.

3. Set your intention.

It may sound ironic, but meditation is a very active process. Focusing your attention on a single point is not easy, and it becomes easier when you set an intention for the practice. Think about something that is important to you and what you want to do (even if it is something insignificant in your opinion, for example “I really want to have a good rest this weekend”).


4. Notice where your attention is directed.

The biggest obstacle to your practice is yourself, or rather your mind. And that’s great news, because the mind can be learned to be controlled. If you notice that your thoughts are taking you away from the present moment, just shift your attention to the breath. With practice it becomes easier to do this.

5. Remember, practice is a process.

Be compassionate with yourself when your mind wanders (and it will constantly wander!), Do not scold yourself.

Any process takes time. Very soon you will be able to meditate anywhere, regardless of your circumstances or environment.


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