8 Yoga for Beginners

Yoga for Beginners: Weight Loss Exercises

It’s no secret that regular yoga classes at home, in fitness or in nature help the body wake up, tighten and energize muscles that have been numb after sleep and even lose some weight.

Yoga gymnastics for beginners does not require exclusively “pure” performance of asanas (postures) for people who are just beginning to practice this direction.

However, if you periodically (2-3 times a week) perform simple yoga exercises for beginners, soon you will become more plastic, flexible, feel a surge of vivacity, stretch your shoulders and straighten your shoulders.

Exercise on a rug or blanket in loose cotton clothing. Each time, doing yoga, you need to “listen” to how your ligaments and muscles are stretched, do all the exercises thoughtfully and slowly, and at the end of each phase, be sure to hold your breath for a few breaths or seconds.

Yoga for beginners exercises:

Exercise “Sphinx”

Lie on your stomach, legs straight, rest on your forearm so that your hands are palms down parallel to each other, and your elbows are strictly under your shoulders. Slowly bend upward so that your belly comes off the floor. Feet should be pulled back. This exercise strengthens your spine and stretches your abdominal and shoulder muscles.

Semi twine

Lie on your right side, put your right hand so that it continues the line of the torso, bend it at the elbow and hold your head with your forearm. Bend your left knee and grab your toes with your left hand, then straighten your knee and lift it up so that it is perpendicular to the floor. Pull the other leg in the same way. Try not to bend your knees, even if it may be difficult at first. The semi twine stretches the hamstrings and strengthens the muscles of the back and legs.

Exercise “Cobra”

Lie on your stomach, straighten your socks and hold them together. Put your palms at approximately shoulder level, then lean on your hands and slowly inhaling, raise your shoulders and chest, so you should stretch forward and chin up. During the entire movement, control your palms, they should be motionless. This yoga exercise for beginners helps to strengthen the spine and increase the flexibility of the back.

Exercise “Bridge”

Lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees, put your feet on the floor, about the width of your pelvis. Smoothly lift your buttocks, and then your back. Leaning on your feet and shoulders, try to fix this pose for a few seconds. Also try to join your hands under your back and pull them up to your feet. This hatha yoga exercise stretches the back and cervical spine, as well as the chest area.

Exercise “Crane”

Lie on your back with your arms extended along the body. Bend your right knee and wrap your arms around it, then slowly pull it up to your chest. Straighten your toe. Do the same with the left leg. This exercise stretches the muscles of the thighs and buttocks.

Crown Stance Exercise

Lie on your back, legs close together, hands at the seams. Slowly lift your back, stretching your neck and gently arching your back, try to touch the mat with the top of your head. This yoga exercise tones the neck and back muscles, expands the chest.

Exercise “Swing”

To perform this exercise, you need to lie on your back, put your hands along the body. Bend your knees, pull them to your chest and wrap your arms, then raising your shoulders and head, touch your knees with your nose. In this position, you can swing a little from side to side. “Swing” tones the muscles of the buttocks, hips and lower back.

Exercise “Sail”

Sit up straight with your palms next to your hips, feet together and straight at the knees, with your toes pointing up. Spread your shoulders back, open your chest, look only forward. The back should be perpendicular to the floor, while trying not to roll over or bend your arms. This activity helps to strengthen your back muscles.

In yoga for beginners, yoga exercises are recommended to be performed according to video lessons, this allows you to quickly get used to and see firsthand for beginners how and where to start certain exercises.

Remember, yoga is not a sport, but a combination of physical, mental and spiritual practices that does not require serious physical training, so people of any age can do it, anywhere and anytime.

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