Celebrities who say they don’t age thanks to facial gymnastics

Face fitness is a popular but very controversial trend. Some argue that 15 minutes of exercise a day will never allow you to grow old, others believe that improper self-massage (and if you are not an expert, then there is nothing to try) more harm than good. Which star defends this anti-wrinkle method?

Gwyneth Paltrow.

In the past, the star resorted to Botox, like most Hollywood stars, but for more than 20 years she has considered herself an adherent of a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle in the concept of Gwyneth includes self-care

Gwyneth Paltrow trusts his beauty on Facebook building, and performs exercises with the help (who would have thought!) Means of his Goop brand. Yes, those very strange and expensive products that are used to criticize on the net.



Jennifer Aniston.

Another lover of simple ways (the main thing is not to be lazy!) To maintain beauty and health. Jen is pinning her hopes on ice cubes in the morning, retinol creams and a 10-minute facial massage.

Aniston also tries to monitor her own emotions and not worry about trifles. A stress-free life also provides a respite from old age.

Jennifer Lopez.

It is difficult, of course, to believe that only special exercises are behind J.Lo’s beauty. But we can believe that the Latin American diva has an integrated approach to solving all problems. One way not to age with a 50-year-old artist is daily 15-minute face-building sessions using a mask.

Jennifer’s signature tan is another anti-aging method that makes her look bright and effective.



Meghan Markle.

Before Meghan met her Prince Harry and joined the royal family, but during her success with Force Majeure, she partnered with the Birchbox beauty box brand to create a set of travel aids for them. In the course of work, she told about some of the secrets of her beauty.

It turned out that Markle is a fan of buccal massage, which is performed on the inside of the cheeks. Yes, and she admits it can look funny. “The beautician taught me several facial exercises, and I do them. I swear they work, although it can feel pretty silly during execution. But after these classes my cheekbones and chin look so taut, ”said the star.

Sharon Stone.

The 62-year-old actress has always denied that Botox or plastic had been injected into her appearance. Moreover, it was necessary to refute not only interference with one’s own appearance, but also a funny rumor that Sharon allegedly wanted to save her son from increased sweating with the help of injections.

But the star does not hide his love for face fitness. Stone assures: toned skin and the absence of a large number of wrinkles around the eyes are the result of facial exercises. Although sunglasses also do a good job of hiding all evidence.



Natalie Portman.

Natalie trusts Thien Nguyen, a Hollywood beautician and creator of her professional line of care products, who taught her magical exercises (they probably need to be performed using only his jars of cosmetics). Thien’s coveted client list also includes Cindy Crawford and Katy Perry.


Natalie Portman. is one of the few stars who is clearly not suspected of plastic. She is also ranked among those who “know how” to age beautifully. Perhaps the secret of the 39-year-old artist lies in face gymnastics?



Ashley Graham.

The plus size model does effective exercises before important events.

So before the last Ball of the Costume Institute, she took online lessons to strengthen the muscles of the face. It seems that they were necessary so that a smile would not disappear from the lips of the model all evening.

Hollywood celebrities, who claim that they have never resorted to the services of plastic surgeons, but do special exercises every day. Do you think maybe those who show their cards and sincerely talk about beauty injections look more advantageous?

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