Abstract design fresh summer nail ideas

Manicure for an oval shape of nails fresh summer ideas

According to statistics, modern young ladies increasingly prefer feminine and sophisticated manicure variations, so oval nails are the choice of many fashionistas this summer. Such a soft and pleasant shape of marigolds looks very cute and is capable of realizing itself in any length. That is why the gurus of manicure art widely use oval nail plates to demonstrate their skills.

Features of oval manicure

Thanks to the unique feature of emphasizing the soft natural lines of the marigold, the oval shape looks perfect at any length and is deservedly called universal. Firstly, the oval shape is very harmoniously combined with many techniques and décor, and secondly, it can be easily corrected using a regular nail file. This is a win-win manicure for any occasion.

Summer fashion trends

Summer oval manicure is, first of all, a fireworks display of rich and rich shades that coexist in an original way with a muted pastel palette. As well as spectacular variations of such popular techniques as service french, “negative space”, gradient, “quail eggs” design and many other ideas. In addition, summer design provides for the use of décor, elements of which any fashionista can use at her discretion and original designs in many directions.

Oval “nude”

As we mentioned above, to create a fashionable summer manicure on oval nails, you can confidently use pastel shades, and nude tones in this case are very relevant. Coatings in the “nude” style on the nail plates look very restrained and elegant, so they will ideally fit into a casual or business look. To decorate festive outfits, you can always decorate the nails with iridescent rubbing or shiny décor. At the request of the young lady, the jewelry can highlight the root zone of the marigold, the tip, or be located on the entire nail plate in the form of an original pattern.

Minimalist manicure

The simplicity of the shape of an oval manicure allows fashionistas to boldly show imagination and vary with color schemes and décor. A minimalist manicure this summer can be both calm and concise, as well as bright and catchy. You can also opt for a glossy or matte structure. Super-delicate décor and neat drawings are the main motives of the fashionable oval manicure in the style of minimalism.

Abstract design

One of the stylish solutions of modern nail art is an abstract design, which is a collection of various patterns and prints, including original strokes, streaks, stains, broken and chaotic lines, combinations of geometric shapes and many other ideas. Drawings of this nature look a little unusual, but they attract attention and maximally emphasize the playfulness and fantasies of summer. Patterns can be colorful or solid, just like the base coat. It all depends on the wishes of the young lady.

Oval french manicure

The incredible beauty of the classics will always be relevant, because you will not find a more sophisticated and refined manicure, which is able to adapt in such an original way to the mood and outfit of any lady. In the list of trendy novelties, you can see not only the classic design variations, which involve painting the tip of the nail plate with white varnish. A fashionable oval jacket is an abundance of rich and bright shades, stunning combinations with patterns and décor for every taste. Add-ons can decorate any nail or highlight only a few fingers with a catchy accent. In addition, on oval marigolds, you can safely experiment with the shape of a smile and make it beveled to one side, triangular or double.

Trendy gradient

One of the ways to make a spectacular manicure is the gradient technique, which, despite the use of rich shades, looks incredibly delicate. Smooth transitions and the shape of the oval of the nail plates surprisingly smooth out bright varnishes, which allows fashionistas not to restrain their “hot” desires and use the most incredible color combinations in the summer. For a more effective design, you should use several shades at the same time and decorate the nails with various prints, décor elements or transparent droplets.

Quail eggs design

In nature, the quail color is a combination of gray, brown and green palette with characteristic blotches and splashes of a darker color. However, for a summer manicure, we invite our readers to show their imagination a little and use brighter colors in the design. Blue, pink, yellow, mint, lemon, white and any other bright shade looks great with a quail pattern and can be supplemented with sparkles if desired. One of the summer masterpieces can be called a quail pattern on a gradient basis, which can be very beautifully combined on one hand with matte marigolds covered to match the pattern.

“Negative space” on oval nails

Technique “negative space” in a fashionable summer manicure can decorate nails as a wealthy design and perfectly complement any known techniques, be it gradient transitions, French or gentle nude. Transparent holes, “bare” areas with geometric shapes, negative space with abstract details or foil décor look wonderful on oval marigolds. Any proposal will fit into any summer look and will not leave your pens unattended.


All kinds of blooms, twigs, leaves and buds, which are incredibly beautifully complemented by oval marigolds, are the most popular print for the summer season. Such drawings wonderfully decorate any bright base and most accurately reflect the summer theme of the drawings, because such a variety of floristic subjects is acceptable only for the summer months. In addition to shrubs and flowers found in nature, marigolds can also be decorated with any favorite type of plant from your own garden, or you can draw a drawing with exotic flowers. Sequins and rhinestones in this design are only welcome.

Shiny manicure

You can create a brilliant manicure using any décor details that fit your design and will fully convey the character of the marigold. Rhinestones, stones, beads, pearls, small particles of glitter, foil or Kami Fubuki nail one design or another look completely different, but always ensure the presence of chic and shine. Oval marigolds are wonderfully combined with any kind of décor, which allows fashionistas to boldly experiment in this direction. In addition, sequins and rhinestones shimmer very beautifully in the rays of the sun.

Oval nails are always a beautiful manicure and well-groomed hands. If you doubt the correctness of the choice of the manicure option or, for some reason, cannot wear too long nails, then the shape of the oval is in this case a kind of lifeline. Experiment with colors, décor and patterns. We are sure that each of them will look incredibly beautiful on oval nails.

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