Interpretation of dreams by day of the week

Interpretation of dreams by day of the week

Dreams have worried humanity since time immemorial.

People at all times have seen in dreams something secret, which means, prophetic, admonishing or warning. And although modern scientists believe that dreams are nothing more than a subconscious reflection of the impressions experienced during the day, there are thousands of facts confirming the appearance of prophetic dreams in people, which gave the necessary clues, showed the right path, or even saved lives!

That is why so many dream interpreters appear today. True, the information in them differs in many ways, and therefore in this article we decided to provide a generalized interpretation of dreams by day of the week.

Dreams from Sunday to Monday (influence of the Moon)

The moon is ruled by the moon from Sunday to Monday, which does not inspire confidence in most people. This is understandable, because during the full moon, people often experience all kinds of exacerbations.


But, not everything is so simple. The moon is responsible for the emotional world of a person, which means that on this night all resentments and misunderstandings, all irritation and anger that previously accumulated in the soul crawl out of the subconscious of a person. Sleep on this night has a purely pragmatic meaning. It helps to understand the root of the problem, to realize what exactly worried us in recent days and how to deal with it. You should try to understand and interpret the tips that come to us on the night from Sunday to Monday, because if you ignore this signal and let everything take its course, minor troubles and misunderstandings will continue to bother us for a very long time.

How often do dreams come true? These dreams rarely come true, usually in people who were born on Monday.

Dreams from Monday to Tuesday (influence of Mars)

Tuesday is ruled by harsh Mars – a planet that favors warriors and people aimed at achieving success. In this regard, dreams from Monday to Tuesday are a kind of parting dreams that personify our desires and aspirations.

Such dreams should be looked at by people who do not know what they are striving for and for what they live. But for persons purposefully walking towards their dreams, dreams on this night help to understand whether they are on the right path. So, for example, a restful sleep that leaves a pleasant feeling after waking up will say that we are on the right path and can overcome all obstacles. But a hard, depressing dream, which will give a lot of negative impressions, promises conflicts, scandals and problems on the way to your dream. Such a vision should alert and stimulate us to take a more responsible approach to fulfilling our desires. By the way, if in a dream you see a sharp object (needles, knives, axes), this is a signal for more active action.


How often do dreams come true? Dreams from Monday to Tuesday come true for 7, maximum 10 days.

Dreams from Tuesday to Wednesday (the influence of Mercury)

The night from Tuesday to Wednesday is ruled by Mercury – a planet symbolizing easy communication, friendship and human relationships. That is why the dreams that come to us on this night reveal our problems in relationships or indicate people who are not indifferent to us.

On Wednesday night, we usually dream of people who are dear to us, especially if we have not seen them for a long time, miss or worry about them. There are cases in history when dreams that night became warnings that a loved one was in trouble and needed help. Sometimes these dreams even indicated a person’s whereabouts, giving clues as to where to look. But in most cases, dull dreams that evoke sadness indicate that we missed communicating with loved ones, that we lack their warmth. At the same time, happy dreams, especially those in which we travel, clearly hint that positive changes await us and our loved ones.

How often do dreams come true? Practice shows that dreams from Tuesday to Wednesday are rarely remembered and rarely come true. This usually happens with those night visions that dreamed before midnight.

Dreams from Wednesday to Thursday (influence of Jupiter)

Powerful Jupiter, who rules the night from Wednesday to Thursday, is responsible for success and luck in everyday life. The dreams that visit us on this night are of a social nature and speak of the perspective, what awaits us in the near future and what we should be prepared for.


Dreams from Wednesday to Thursday are very valuable night visions that can give clues in which direction to develop and what to do in order to improve their own career and development prospects. Sometimes dreams from Wednesday to Thursday gave people clues that make them real millionaires! And even if this happens extremely rarely, such chances should not be scattered. Therefore, try to memorize dreams in which various events are displayed and people appear. Try to memorize these people and the words they say. They can hold the key to developing our careers and improving our lives. At the same time, dull dreams, leaving a negative aftertaste, clearly make it clear that the business we are doing has no prospects and something needs to be changed.

How often do dreams come true? You will be surprised, but dreams on Thursday night come true quite often, which means that the information they carry can significantly affect our lives.

Dreams from Thursday to Friday (influence of Venus)

Each of us has heard the expression “Friday dreams are true.” This is really so, and therefore the dreams that visit us on this night acquire the most important significance.

Friday is ruled by Venus, the planet that influences our feelings and emotions. In this regard, the visions that visit us on this night speak of true feelings, about what we desire most and what we dream about. Tellingly, in the process of sleeping from Thursday to Friday, the subconscious mind shows our true attitude towards a person, which we may not be aware of, making decisions solely with our head. In this regard, it is worth taking a closer look at the people who come to us in dreams on Friday. Perhaps we have sympathy for them or a real craving, but we don’t even realize it! Also, pay attention to the emotions that sleep gives. If they are negative, with an unpleasant aftertaste, do not expect anything good in the near future. But dreams that cause emotional uplift promise happy news and long-awaited changes.


How often do dreams come true? Events related to feelings and love experiences almost always come true. But the probability that other dreamed events will come true is 50/50.

Dreams from Friday to Saturday (Saturn influence)

Saturday is ruled by Saturn, symbolizing wisdom, rational approach and common sense in everything. That is why the night visions that come to us on this night should be taken very seriously.

The clues we receive on Saturday night are valuable clues that can be taken literally. In fact, these are signals from our subconsciousness about what we are doing wrong, what we need to limit ourselves to and where to keep silent. These dreams tend to focus our attention on the little things that can affect life in general. Therefore, pay attention to the situation that came to you in a dream. If you dream of an insurmountable wall or a long search, you should expect problems in the implementation of plans and think about how to solve them. But a favorable dream confirms – you are doing everything right! Very often, dreams from Friday to Saturday are fateful.

How often do dreams come true? Life shows that on Saturday night only those dreams that come in the morning come true.

Dreams from Saturday to Sunday (the influence of the Sun)

Sunday, which means the most joyful and blessed day of the week, is ruled by the Sun. This heavenly body is a symbol of joy, happiness and inexhaustible vital energy, which means that dreams on this night speak of our inner state and give hope for the best.


Dreams from Saturday to Sunday are usually the most pleasant and life-affirming. Therefore, if your dream leaves a pleasant impression, do not hesitate – soon joy will come into your life. Perhaps it will be a new interesting acquaintance or meeting with a person you missed. Maybe a change for the better will come into your life, or the business for which you were worried will be resolved in the best possible way. In general, these dreams are designed to tell us the shortest path to happiness and harmony in life, the main thing is only to decipher them correctly and use them for our own good. When negative dreams are dreamed on Sunday night, it means that we are tired and we just need mental and physical rest.

How often do dreams come true? Of the dreams that come on this night, only those in which we rest, travel and enjoy life come true. The rest come true extremely rarely.


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