Psychological disorder is not a verdict: Catherine Zeta-Jones and other celebrities

Bipolar disorder is a common diagnosis among celebrities. However, living with him is a test. Who of the stars suffers from this disease and how to cope, read in the article “”.

Kanye West

Psychological disorder is not a verdict: Kanye West and other stars

A few months after the release of his next solo album, YE, Kanye West confirmed that he suffers from bipolar disorder. However, the rapper does not consider this an ailment, on the contrary, calls it his superpower. Details of how this state affects his life, the rapper told in his interviews.

It turned out that this psychological deviation appeared in the rapper at 39, but unlike many people with the same diagnosis, Kanye does not fall into depression during an exacerbation, he, on the contrary, is on the rise.

At the same time, the rapper understands how difficult it is to live with such a disorder, and sympathizes with people with such ailment:

“Just think of ordinary people with similar mental problems. They can not take and, like me, release an album and thus get out. “

Mariah Carey

Psychological disorder is not a verdict: Mariah Carey and other stars

Mariah Carey for 17 years was silent about her bipolar disorder. The singer was afraid that this could negatively affect her career or completely destroy her.

In the early 90’s, she was at the height of popularity, and in 2001 she was hospitalized with a nervous breakdown and then delivered a disappointing diagnosis. Instead of acting immediately, Mariah refused to take the medicine.

“I did not want to believe it,” she admitted in an interview with People magazine. – I did not want to wear this brand in the form of a shameful diagnosis. I was sure that it would break my career. ”
“Until recently, I lived in isolation and constant fear that someone could expose me,” Cary said.

By the way, she decided to speak frankly about the difficult situation only in 2018.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Psychological disorder is not a verdict: Catherine Zeta-Jones and other stars

About the psychological disorder Catherine Zeta-Jones has known for a long time. It was because of this that their marriage to Michael Douglas almost disintegrated once. The actress has been diagnosed quite a long time ago – manic-depressive psychosis (or bipolar disorder of the second type).

Catherine was silent about her illness and called on other people with a similar diagnosis not to go into the shadows and lead ordinary life. The actress herself repeatedly went to clinics for treatment.

Repeatedly appeared information that the disease of the actress was provoked by the severe stress that she experienced during her husband’s struggle with throat cancer. Michael managed to defeat the disease, after which he helped his wife to achieve a stable state.

Demi Lovato

Psychological disorder is not a verdict: Demi Lovato and other stars

The name of this young star recently flashed in the headlines of numerous newspapers and magazines. Demi fought for life, she was taken to a hospital with a heroin overdose. Fortunately, the singer was able to get out.

For a long time, Lovato was mistakenly diagnosed with depression. But she did not stop worrying about this problem, and Demi was looking for reasons in herself and her character. Finally, in 2015, the doctors told the singer that she had bipolar disorder.

“When I was diagnosed, I was relieved. I realized that the blame for the disease, but not my character warehouse, “- she commented. But no one should be ashamed to talk about it. Bipolar disorder is a chemical imbalance in the body, it must be treated. “

As practice shows, it is not easy to live with a mental disorder, but this can not cause a decision to close up and lead a closed way of life. By the way, the princes Harry and William last year began to actively fight for people to seek help, because psychological problems are no less serious than physiological ones. Prince, for example, for a long time had to keep all the pain from losing the mother inside, the protocol did not allow to survive this tragedy normally, to leave the public and not to hide their emotions. And only now they have an opportunity to tell about everything openly.

Carrie Fisher

Psychological disorder is not a verdict: Carrie Fisher and other stars

Carrie Fisher, known for her role in the Star Wars saga, diagnosed “bipolar disorder” at the age of 24, but only at 28 did she realize how serious it all is. The actress tried to cope with the disease, referring to traditional medicine, and also found salvation in drugs. They had not nearly killed her, just at 28, Fischer had his first overdose.

“We got a complicated disease, and we have no choice but to cope with it. Look at this as a daily heroism – not heroism like “I could survive the battle for Mosul,” but as an emotional survival, “she wrote.
Fischer also spoke frankly about the fact that drugs helped her to live with her. But in the end they also destroyed it. Heart Carrie stopped during the flight, she just stopped breathing. Finding out the cause of the incident, among the possible causes were named and prohibited substances, which were abundantly found in the blood of the actress.

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