Halle Berry shared the most effective exercises for a chiseled figure

Halle Berry willingly shares in his Instagram useful information about fitness classes. 51-year-old Hollywood star knows what she says: she looks much better than many 30-year-old girls. The actress notes that her beautiful form is not only a tribute to good genes, but also the result of many years of work on herself. On Fridays, under the tag #FitnessFriday, she and her fitness trainer publish tips on simple and effective exercises.


1. The ball

“The ball is one of the most versatile items among my equipment. He can help the heart and make you stronger. Exercise with the ball is a training of coordination and endurance. ”

2. Stretching

“For me, being in shape means also stretching and breathing. Stretching in my fitness program helps the muscles stay flexible, improves motor activity and, most importantly, helps to avoid injuries, “Berry said.

3. Boxing

“Useful for the upper body, heart and lungs. In addition, burns calories, “- said Holly.

“I believe that good health and good health – that’s real beauty. The standards of attractiveness are constantly changing, and a deep relationship between health and true beauty is gradually emerging, “the actress emphasized.


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