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How to save on online cosmetics: 4 unexpected tips

We all do on the Internet: we make acquaintances, we organize trips to unknown countries and we choose a vacuum cleaner for my mother on my birthday. Buying cosmetics has its own subtleties.

Give preference to official sites
Always give preference to buying on the official portal of the brand or sites that are engaged in the official sale of the chosen brand (you can specify this, for example, in groups in social networks). This will help to protect against spending on a fake, and to find out whether the real cosmetic is in front of you, only in appearance it can sometimes be difficult even for professionals. Yes, and shares (for example, often and discounts) on such sites is not uncommon.

How to save on online cosmetics: 4 unexpected tips

By the way, it’s better to choose sites that work on the network market for more than six months. Do not be lazy to find the actual and legal address of the company and contact information. This will help in case of problems.

Do not trust too low prices
Especially if you buy the product from hand. For example, why would someone want to sell a perfume that costs $75 for a retail store for $8 ? The discount, of course, is considerable, but, most likely, it shows a fake. As a rule, the official retailer reduces the cost by 20%, unless it is, of course, the day of general sales Black Friday or a very old collection.

Look for cheap replacement
It works not only in fashion, but also in beauty: luxury brands produce a lot of novelties, but almost all of them are immediately reflected in the products of the mass market. For example, if previously dry shampoos or professional makeup brushes produced only high-flying brands, now other brands can offer goods of the same quality at a more favorable price. So if the logo does not really matter to you, be inspired by the suite, and look for the right thing at the more accessible points of sale.

How to save on online cosmetics: 4 unexpected tips

By the way, this applies not only to decorative cosmetics. For example, expensive moisturizers with all the temptation of the composition are not very different from their cheaper colleagues: usually the content is the same, and the exotic ingredients indicated on the bank, as a rule, not all bring tangible results. So study the labels and compare before making the final choice.

Do not buy foundation and lipstick before testing.
Perhaps, everything can be bought without a preliminary inspection and testing, except for perfume, tonal and tinted lip product. With perfume everything is clear, but tonal remedy and lipstick is best purchased after a test on the skin. Makeup artists say that, ideally, you need to wear the remedy on your skin all day to make sure that it’s your shade and that it’s right for your skin type. By the way, in many shops testers of practically any means issue, the main thing is to ask.

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