Manicure in bright colors

Fashionable rhinestone manicure in bright colors

Bright design of manicure is not only one of the original ways to express yourself. Colorful shades of varnish are one hundred percent guarantee of a great mood and a charge of positive emotions, because sometimes some very little joy is not enough for happiness, which can be expressed in a cup of morning aromatic coffee, buying a new lipstick or a strong design of marigolds.

Fashionable bright manicure is relevant at any time of the year, and depending on the preference of the young lady, it can be not only bold and daring, but also refined and graceful. In addition, bright palettes are perfectly combined with rhinestone décor, which provides fashionistas with an additional opportunity to give free rein to their imagination and experiment a little. Meet – the most beautiful ideas of bright manicure with rhinestones! You will definitely like it.

The main types of décor

In modern nail art, a large number of different types of rhinestones are used. Manufacturers of such products are constantly expanding their assortment, so it is simply impossible to list all the variations of such décor available in it. These can be pearl-like elements with a smooth surface or rhinestones with a cut for gemstones, small egg beads or pixie crystals, unusual and amazing Siju crystals that resemble smooth sea stones and many other options. With their help, your marigolds can shine with a pearlescent sheen, sparkle with a refractive radiance or pleasantly surprise with the effect of a chameleon. Let’s get started?

Bright monochrome manicure with rhinestones

Despite the fact that such a design has long been considered a classic and is a win-win design option, many young ladies consider it a little restrained and rustic. In this case, the marigolds are covered with the selected shade, and there are no additions such as drawings or patterns. However, today we offer fashionistas to look at such a manicure in a new way, and to use in design not only bright varnishes, which are the basis of the ideas proposed today, but also not to dwell on one color. For example, on the right hand we cover the nail plates with one specific shade, and on the other we combine several options. Be sure to decorate accent nails with stripes or a simple pattern of rhinestones and enjoy the result.

Original French manicure

Throughout its history, French manicure has been proposed in many interpretations, which, although they changed the appearance of the famous design, never deprived it of character and sophistication. French in bright colors is a direct confirmation of this. Saturated shades can be used to decorate only the smile line, or vice versa, act as the main coating when the tip of the nail plate remains white. In addition, decorate each nail with a single pebble or highlight an accent finger with a cute pattern. Alternatively, you can combine a jacket with a pattern on several nail plates. In this case, it is more relevant to place rhinestones over the patterns.

Bright floral nail art

Floral arrangements on nails have always attracted the attention of fashionistas, so it would be unwise not to take advantage of such an excellent offer today. So that the design does not look too intricate, and the marigolds are overloaded, because bright shades take part in the design, we propose to allocate one or two marigolds for flower drawings. These can be images with lush blooms, or vice versa, neat small buds. At the same time, small beads can repeat the contour of the flower petals, and pearls or stones can decorate the core.

Manicure with transparent holes and rhinestones

The secret of the popularity of such an original manicure lies in the incomplete coating of the nail plate. In other words, the marigold is painted with a bright varnish so that a “naked” place is formed in its root zone, resembling a lunula or an inverted smile line. It is on this area of ​​the nail plate that we suggest placing shiny beads or rhinestones. It can be either single sparkling accents or chic compositions from parts of different sizes and shapes. This idea has some similarities with the original “negative space” technique and may well be one of its varieties.

Design with rubbing and rhinestones

The use of saturated shades in manicure does not at all prohibit the use of shiny acrylic powder in the design. Rubbing in this case not only smoothest the brightness of the colors, but also fills them with a light magical shine. Cover your nails with pearl or mother-of-pearl material. With such a shine, even a neon coating will look gentle and romantic. In this case, rhinestones will harmoniously decorate several nail plates. In most variations, this is a scattering of small elements, stripes or various patterns. Crystal chips covering one of the marigolds with a cavity will look no less impressive.


A manicure with a cobweb gel has recently been increasingly decorating the nails of fashionistas. And this is not surprising at all. Firstly, the use of this material does not imply the possession of special skills and abilities, which makes it possible to use the gel even at home. Secondly, the “cobweb” effect is always a unique and one-of-a-kind pattern, which is different on each finger. For bright palettes, nail designers advise using a classic black gel. In this case, the base can be monochromatic or be a smooth stretch of contrasting shades. Also, it is not uncommon for a shiny foil to be used for the substrate.


Rhinestones or beads in this design look beautiful at the intersections of thin lines. It can be either single elements or a shiny scattering all over the marigold.

Stylish geometry

Geometric motifs in manicure are not only rhombuses, squares or triangles known to us from school. In modern nail design, this style can be expressed in bright details of color block patterns, in monochromatic graphic lines or zigzags, and even in original designs consisting of many of the above-mentioned details. Shiny stones or crystals in this design not only complement the marigolds with shiny notes, but also visually smooth out the sharp corners of the figures. Feel free to experiment.

Rhinestones and glitter

Who said that the combination of glitter glitter and the shine of rhinestones in one manicure is too much? You just need to harmoniously arrange the décor on the nails, and you will be pleasantly surprised by such a neighborhood, even if crimson, scarlet or, for example, bright green is used as the base. If there is a desire to arrange both types of décor on one nail plate in the form of an original pattern, then it is more relevant to do this on one or two nails. The alternating arrangement of shiny details looks no less gorgeous. For example, on one of the marigolds we make a glitter stretch, and on the other we decorate the root zone with rhinestones. Isn’t that gorgeous?

Décor such as rhinestones can look beautiful on nails of any length and shape, as well as harmoniously combine with almost any shade of varnish and other types of décor. The basic rule is harmony.


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