Victoria Beckham

From latex to floor-length dress: stars, who previously wore dissolutely

When you look at modern celebrities with their perfectly thought-out looks and sophisticated outfits, it seems that their sense of taste is an innate gift, and they have always looked like this. But sometimes it’s worth looking back just a few years to see where the established style icons started.

Errors of youth are not only among mere mortals, but also among celebrities. Do not believe? Just check out our selection. Celebrities who weren’t always ladies and good girls.


Beyoncé has come a long way from being the lead singer of the 2000s pop group Destiny’s Child to the proud moniker “Queen B.” Her style changed along with her career.

Now Beyoncé is a true pop diva. You can forget the phrase: “Wake up your inner goddess”, where the expression would be more accurate: “Wake up your inner Beyoncé.” Her dazzling and incredibly sexy evening looks are the standard of femininity and luxury. And the outfits can be frank, but definitely not depraved. The same cannot be said about the clothes that Bee chose for herself in the early 2000s. Sheer mesh, rhinestones, eye-catching colors, these are the basics of Beyoncé’s wardrobe 20 years ago.


Victoria Beckham

Another queen of modern fashion with a pop past is Victoria Beckham. Sunglasses, high heels, black and pencil skirts: without these things it is impossible to imagine the image of Victoria. But this was not always the case.

Once a style icon and designer Victoria Beckham, bore the catchy name Posh Spice and conquered the pop world as part of the iconic Spice Girls girl band. Hot peppercorn wore latex, ultra-short skirts and see-through slips. Stage image, nothing can be done …


Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga captured all the charts of the world in a crazy whirlwind at the beginning of the last decade, and her every appearance on the red carpet hit the front pages in the media. Gaga has become a real outrageous queen. Her crazy outfits amazed the imagination, which only cost a dress made of RAW! meat.

Gaga’s style is now also difficult to call classic and true Hollywood, but still the singer proved to everyone that she can be a real diva. Luxurious red carpet exits are proof of that.


Bella Hadid

Recently, the supermodel has been imbued with a special love for images from the 90s: panamas, oversized jackets, trousers with sewn pockets, flared jeans, tops with rhinestones. The queen of fashion experiments manages to look ultra-fashionable and stylish both on the red carpets and in everyday life.

Bella’s experiments were not always so successful: a couple of years ago, some of her exits could be unequivocally called vulgar and depraved. Her naked dress at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival is still periodically appearing in the press. Still, such frank cutouts can cause a real shock to an unprepared audience.


Miley Cyrus

The most controversial celebrity in our collection is Miley Cyrus, from the very beginning of her career she has been thrown from one extreme to another: from a girl next door to a queen of shock content, and then from an exemplary wife and feminist icon to a punk diva. It seems that Miley is still in search of her own style.

Recently, the 27-year-old star has not seen any shocking antics and scandalous outfits. For formal occasions, Cyrus chooses classic evening dresses, and in everyday life he prefers simple casual looks, diluting jeans and T-shirts with interesting accessories like a cap-cap and voluminous jewelry.

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