Day of fulfillment of wishes

27th – Day of fulfillment of wishes

May this day forever become for you a day of miracles, magic and magic!

Most people consider New Year, Christmas and birthday the best days of the year to fulfill their wishes.

And they are certainly right. The fabulous and magical atmosphere of these holidays in a special way disposes to miracles and pleasant events in life, and many of these days have wishes come true and dreams come true. But these dreams materialize mainly in the form of gifts and surprises prepared in advance by our family and friends. In addition, the New Year, like Christmas and Birthday, happens only once a year and it takes too long to wait for the next day to fulfill your wishes.

Your date of birth

This is the most obvious lucky number! If you began to notice around the seemingly “random” combinations of numbers, similar to your date of birth (or part of it) – this is a sure sign that you are on the right track, and what you are striving for will soon come to you.

Second, your Destiny number, or Life Path number. It is calculated as follows: write down your date of birth in numbers and add them together until you get a single-digit number.

For example:

  1. Date of birth 24.08.1980
  2. 2 + 4 + 0 + 8 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 0 = 32
  3. 3 + 2 = 5 – the number of destiny for a person born on August 24, 1980.

To make your wish come true for sure, do this practice: on a small sheet of paper, write down your most cherished wish and indicate your Destiny number in this note. Then hide the piece of paper until the wish comes true. You will be surprised when you find out that the date or time when this wish came true contains your Destiny number!

Thirdly, triple or double numbers with the same digits, for example, 888 or 44. If recently you regularly come across triple or double numbers (bus, car, phone number – anywhere) – it’s time to concentrate on your desire – the Universe is showing your favor and opens a channel for your request.

Pay special attention to the number 7 – it promises good luck in all matters! If you feel that you need support in business from the Higher Forces, just think about this number – visualize the seven glowing with warm light, and concentrate on your request to the Universe.


Fourth, the same numbers in time or date. For example, July 7 (7.07) is a very powerful date for the fulfillment of desires. Other repeating numbers are also effective. If you see 16:16 on the clock (or some other numerical match), this is a great time to make wishes! The main thing is to wish sincerely!

There are other dates in the calendar

Few probably know that in each month of the year there is a special day, which the “heavenly office” itself has appointed as the main one for the fulfillment of desires.

I believed that the day of the fulfillment of desires exists when one of my “urgent” desires for that time was unexpectedly fulfilled. Moreover, I did nothing to implement it – everything happened by itself, as they say, “the world went to meet me.” It was right after graduation, when I dreamed of working at a research institute. Suddenly I got a call from the dean’s office and said that one research institute in our city really wants to see me in the ranks of its employees. There was no limit to my happiness! My dream has come true! And it is easy and beautiful … I still remember this day and its date – it was July 27th.

27th – Day of fulfillment of wishes

Number 27 – has a good meaning in practical numerology. The number means divine intervention in the fate of a person. When the fate of a person changes for the better, then there was an intervention from heaven.

The 27th is considered magical, because on the 27th of each month the “heavenly office” itself opens the reception of orders for the fulfillment of desires and it is on this day that you need to submit your “petitions” and there is a reason to look forward to this date.

Pythagoras, the father of numerology, the ancient Greek thinker and the great Initiate, considered the number 27 to be the basis of the universe and a symbol of the World Soul.


So what can you do when you see the number 27?

  • The first thing you can do on this magical day is write a letter to the Universe, submit a petition, application or order for execution to its Heavenly Office. Ask for your most cherished goals, do not hesitate – your request will definitely be fulfilled! When? In 27!
  • If you wear a wrist electronic watch, often look at the numbers – as soon as you notice the number 27 – make a little wish right there!
  • Remember which of your friends has a birthday on this date and be sure to go to congratulate him. Or maybe one of your friends lives in a house or apartment under the twenty-seventh number – drop in to visit them or at least call them – thereby you will join the magic number;
  • Buy yourself 27 of anything. For example, twenty-seven tomatoes on the market or the same number of flowers in a bouquet. Turn on your fantasy! You can find something for the price of 27 dollars or rubles;
  • While on the street, pay attention to numbers – numbers of houses and cars, to advertisements, posters and billboards – as soon as you notice the magic number – immediately set a new goal for yourself!
  • Think up for yourself and apply on the day of fulfillment of desires various sayings and rhymes like: “Starting from the twenty-seventh, from now on everything will be wonderful for me!” or “The twenty-seventh is coming, my wish comes true!”
  • Leave your wish on the 27th in the comments to this article, the fulfillment of which you have been waiting for a long time.

On the 27th of every month, 12 times a year, you have a unique chance to fulfill your dreams using the powerful force of the Universe and its Law of Attraction. Use the magic power of the number 27 for your own good and don’t forget about gratitude! Be sure to mentally thank the abundant Universe for its help!

May your wildest dreams come true!

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