Rainbow design French manicure

Summer nails trends French manicure designs

You will not find a more sophisticated design in the nail industry than French manicure. And although over many years of use this design has undergone significant changes, which have affected not only the color performance, but also the décor, the jacket continues to occupy trend positions and remains the most popular among visitors to nail salons. This versatile design is a versatile solution for nail plates of any length and shape, perfectly complements many bows, and helps fashionistas in many situations. That is why we propose to get acquainted in more detail with the main trends of French manicure, which are the most relevant for the summer season.

Classic design French manicure

Despite the restraint and simplicity, the classic design of the French confidently fit into the company of bright and original summer ideas. A beige, peach, pink or transparent base with a white tip will complement any summer look and will always look flawless. In addition, the classic design can always be complemented at will with a pretty pattern, rhinestone pattern, pearls or sequins.

Multicolored French manicure

Different shades of varnish on the tips of the nail plates are more relevant for the summer period than ever, because it is the bright colors of the coatings that can maximally convey the atmosphere of lightness and festive notes characteristic of this season. The smile line can be made with any shade of pastel or neon palette, which will refresh the whole image and make the manicure more attractive. You can also get creative and experiment with the shape of the smile and make it triangular or wavy. Why not?

Unfinished smile line

One of the trendy proposals of the summer season was the design of a French manicure with an unfinished smile line. The essence of this design lies in the not completely traced strip at the tip of the nail plate, which looks a little unusual and creative on the nails. The line of the French narrows noticeably on one side and can smoothly turn into vertical lines dividing the bed of the marigold into two parts. As for the color performance, in this case, the young ladies are given complete freedom of choice. This design is complemented at will with shiny glitter touches, stones and patterns.

Summer lace French manicure ideas

The sophistication of lace patterns this summer is simply wonderfully combined with the severity of a French. Openwork patterns can be present both on all nail plates, and only one finger can be accentuated. Drawings in such an offer beautifully imitate the smile line and can duplicate the color scheme of the manicure or be performed with contrasting colors. It all depends on the taste of the young lady and the general color scheme of the outfit. A lace French will perfectly fit into a wedding look, accentuate a romantic dress and perfectly complement an office style.

Rainbow design French manicure

The design of a French manicure in rainbow shades offers original combinations of bright and juicy colors at the tip of the marigold in the form of a smooth stretch or a combination of classic and moon designs in different colors. This idea will appeal to confident fashionistas who are not embarrassed by increased attention. A sunny rainbow on the tips of the marigolds will look appropriate at a beach party, a walk with friends and more. Designers recommend using no more than three shades of varnish on the nail at the same time, which will allow not to overload the design and fully convey the spectacular gradient transitions.

Summer velvet French manicure design

The matte finish has firmly established itself in the nail industry and is constantly replenishing its army of fans. The velvet structure gently mutes any shades, which allows you to use the brightest and most juicy tones when decorating, which are most relevant to complement summer looks. A matte French goes well in one manicure with glitter, rhinestones or metallic stripes and can be combined with glossy details. For example, on one of the nails with a matte top, only the smile line stands out, and on the other there is a lunula.

French millennium with glitter

The use of shiny structures is relevant in any season and glitter manicure is sure to be on the list of summer trends. The creation of a millennium jacket involves highlighting the edge of the marigold not with a standard white or colored varnish, but with a transparent coating with small shiny particles or glitter. To accurately draw a smile, you should use a special stencil or a thin manicure brush. Particular attention should be paid to silver or golden sparkles. French millennium does not need additional décor, but sometimes one of the accent marigolds can be distinguished with shiny structures.

Summer French manicure with bright rhinestones

An integral part of any summer manicure is crystals and rhinestones that magically shimmer in the sun and complement any look with festive and flirty notes. Nail experts recommend using contrasting color décor details in this trendy season, which especially draws attention to your pens. In a French manicure, this décor most often emphasizes the smile line, highlights the moon, or decorates the entire nail with an original pattern. At the request of the young lady, such a design can be additionally transformed with graceful drawings, beautifully combining the details of the décor and the drawing on several nails.

French manicure with flowers

One of the distinguishing characteristics of summer is the abundance of various blooms, the bright colors of which could not go unnoticed by nail designers. In addition, ladies have always experienced a special weakness in front of flowers and comprehensively demonstrate their objects of attention in their appearance, for example, in a print of clothes, accessories or manicure. In this case, French nail design also did not stand aside, and invites fashionistas to boldly decorate nail plates with floral motifs, whether it be a modest, unblown bud or lush bloom. Decorate with a pattern completely one of the marigolds or place the pattern along the smile line. This proposal looks very gentle and can complement any look with feminine notes.

French manicure can be confidently called an immortal classic that does not lose its relevance in any variation of shades. French is wonderfully combined with drawings, décor and uniquely complements any outfit with elegant notes. This design will not leave its owner unattended and will allow her to look dignified in any situation, as a direct confirmation of which are our photo examples of finished works.

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