Getting rid of karmic sins

Getting rid of karmic sins

How to pray correctly at Christmas to clear the energy of the family

It happens that, sorting out the reasons for our bad luck or trying to find the source of unpleasant events, we find that the roots of our troubles go back to the past. Few people think that the sins of our ancestors have a powerful impact on our destiny. Today you rarely meet people who know the history of their relatives up to the twelfth generation. Therefore, it is so important to pray for the cleansing of a kind.

How to determine if there is a karmic debt?

A person comes to the world to gain valuable experience throughout his life. Heaven gives everyone a special destiny, living which a person goes through trials. As he behaves in these tests, he will be able to work off his karmic debt. Good deeds, mercy, support of loved ones – all this significantly improves karma. Crimes, evil, aggression, on the contrary, only increase the karmic debt of the clan. There are several ways to determine the presence of negative karma.

  • A person systematically has a lack of vitality, an unwillingness to rejoice. All his affairs, even after the strenuous efforts laid to carry them out, end in failure.
  • There are constant conflicts in the family. Moreover, quarrels arise for no apparent reason.
  • A black streak of bad luck, accompanied by losses and losses, unexpected obstacles – all these are indicators of the presence of karmic debt, which a person should certainly close.
  • Trials are sent to a person in order to prompt him to think, and then actions aimed at atonement for the sins committed by his ancestors.


How to get rid of karmic debts?

The first thing a person should do who wants to cleanse their own family is to visit the temple 12 times a month. After all, it is the temple that is the best place where a person can ask the Creator for mercy. Each of the 12 visits requires a special rite of forgiveness. The ritual is performed at the images of the Mother of God or Jesus Christ. The day before, you should write a list of everyone for whom you plan to pray. You need to put 3 candles at the icon:

  • for the health of people who intentionally or unwittingly offend you;
  • for forgiving all the people you met;
  • for the people you hurt.

After that, you can begin to pray. Its text must be memorized or read from a piece of paper.

“Lord, I apologize to everyone whom I, willingly or unwillingly, offended in this life and in my past lives. Lord, I forgive everyone who offended me, willingly or unwittingly, in this life or my past lives. Lord, I apologize for all my dead relatives. Lord, I apologize for all my living relatives. Lord, I apologize to all people whom my ancestors, willingly or unwittingly, by word, deed or thought, offended. Lord, I ask You, cleanse, heal and protect me, my family and my entire family and fill with Your Power of the Holy Spirit, light, love, harmony, strength and health. Lord, I ask You, cleanse my family. In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen. ”The prayer is offered three times.

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