The magic of the gradient Summer Nail Designs

Delicate summer manicure: charming designs

Delicate manicure design is always feminine and charming, beautiful and stylish. Any girl or woman with this nail design, regardless of the data in the passport, looks special. At the same time, it is absolutely unimportant in what kind of delicate shades the manicure is performed and what combinations of varnishes are present in the manicure. Any of the variations of delicate design looks stylish and attractive, which is especially important in the summer, when light, romantic outfits replace heavy outerwear and so you want tenderness in everything that surrounds you. Therefore, we propose to start the summer transformation with the choice of the current design of marigolds.

Features of manicure in gentle colors

Any manicure idea has its own characteristics that allow the design to become in demand in one way or another. If we are talking about decoration in gentle colors, then this option always looks light and elegant, which especially attracts beautiful ladies. Fashionistas have the right to use any light and pastel shades to create such a manicure, which will be an excellent addition to an everyday, solemn or business look. But this does not mean at all that other color solutions do not take place. Laconicism, minimal use of jewelry and a neat, slightly restrained design are the main distinguishing qualities of a fashionable summer manicure in delicate shades.

Delicate summer French manicure

Despite its severity and restraint, French manicure, due to its unique ability to transform and reincarnate, can be played up in a very original way on nails in a wide variety of colors. Delicate shades in this case look just amazing. The classic version of manicure involves a combination of the white tip of the nail plate with a transparent, pink or flesh cover, which undoubtedly can be attributed to a delicate design. However, in the summer, you can slightly fantasize and use a blue, mint, or, for example, lilac or pale yellow shade for the base. At the same time, the smile line can be standard, double or triangular, and decorated with sequins at will.

The magic of the gradient

Thanks to the smooth transitions from one shade to another, the gradient technique is able to convey the maximum mood of a gentle manicure. You can use two or more shades in your design, or choose between a glossy or matte finish. Gradient transitions can be horizontal, vertical, or originally selected by stretching just a few marigolds. The nail plates located on the sides of the gradient, in this example, are completely covered with one shade of varnish.

Geometric design

Various geometric shapes have a myriad of variations and design examples. The delicate design of marigolds for the summer  involves the use of both bright and solid details. Figures can decorate monochromatic marigolds, complement a variety of techniques, or be combined with “negative space”. The last variation looks especially nice with delicate varnishes. Thin strips of glitter, pieces of foil or single rhinestones in this case will only make the design more sophisticated.

Rub-in manicure

This design idea meets all the requirements of a flight manicure and will certainly appeal to many fashionistas. Gentle play of rubbing transforms and refreshes any coating, which will allow even the most calm and seemingly inconspicuous shades to sparkle with new colors. In the process, it is important to use any of the types of powder and decorate with a similar décor both all the nail plates and only one or two nails. The coating in this example can be monochromatic, or vice versa, combine several shades at the same time, beautifully alternating varnishes on the nails.

Delicate polka dot design

The pea print at all times and regardless of the color scheme looked gentle and attractive. Therefore, today we could not pass by such an idea and included fashionable “polka dots” in the list of trendy manicure variations for the summer. Stylish print can be made in any shade that is harmoniously combined with the base coat. White or light peas are ideal for any dark and rich base. Bright and colored polka dots look original on any background. However, each young lady in this case is free to decide the color scheme and the location of the polka dots on the nails at her discretion.

With drawings

Delicate patterned manicure for this summer season presents an impressive variety of styles. It can be both prints and elements of geometry, which we mentioned above, and all kinds of drawings on the theme of floristry, openwork lace patterns, stripes, elements of abstraction, seasonal images, original drawings with insects and many other ideas that will not overload the marigolds. The minimalism technique in this case is the most relevant option. Drawings can complement any known techniques, decorate all marigolds, or accentuate only one or two fingers. You can also use neat additions in the form of glitter sequins or rhinestones.

With stripes

This summer season, various stripes have become an integral trend in many types of manicure, and the design in gentle colors is no exception. To maintain an atmosphere of tenderness and weightlessness, nail designers recommend abandoning flashy stripes in the summer or applying them exclusively to light shades in a combined design. Delicate finishes blend beautifully with metallic stripes, subtle glitter touches or contrasting thin lines. Patterns are usually placed on any part of the nail plate and in any direction. Particular attention should be paid to an interesting combination of gloss and matte top, which involves decorating a glossy marigold with a velvet strip, or vice versa.

Spider web gel

When used in the design of a toffee gel or a “cobweb” gel in any combination of shades, it looks incredibly delicate. This material is easy to use, does not weigh down the nail and goes well with small shiny accents, which is so important in our version. Decorate a nude or light finish with black gel, patterning any part of the accent nails in a random fashion. We complement the drawing with shiny splashes of glitter or a few pebbles and enjoy the result. The “gossamer” looks gorgeous on marigolds that differ in tone, foil backing or shiny background, which can also be beautifully beaten in a delicate design.

Delicate manicure for the summer season does not at all imply a ban on the use in design, for example, of red, blue or brown varnish. Tenderness should be expressed in the entire manner of decoration, from the shape of the nail plates to the décor. That is why, with a harmonious combination of colors and décor variations, this manicure can be confidently called universal.

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