influence of Saturn, or Why do I have to wait

The influence of Saturn, or Why do I have to wait

We scold fate for what we are today, but in reality it is not a cruel fate. At the moment it is good for us to be who we are now and to mark what we have

I bow before Shanishvara, whose color is dark blue, before the one born before the God of death, before the son of the Sun and Shadow.

In the myths of the whole world, Saturn appears before us in the form of an ancient old man. He is a teacher, keeper of wisdom, champion of discipline, lord of karma. In his hand is a box with seeds – these are our karmas. In a sense, Saturn is a teacher of maturity and wisdom. It symbolizes the driving force of development that leads us to the fulfillment of a life task or brings us closer to the highest goal of life. Under his harsh and wise leadership, we get the opportunity to deal with the past and let go of all unnecessary and unnecessary.

On the moral plane, Saturn is justice; he is the personification of Time itself, which sooner or later will lead each of us to perfection. There is no other principle that would teach us the basics of life as meticulously and pedantic as Saturn. The lessons of Saturn are not the simplest, he teaches us, causing fears, obstacles and vulnerabilities to life. What is the lesson? In overcoming these fears and obstacles with the help of inner work on oneself and a certain style of behavior. The main thing here is consistency.


Saturn’s impact sets the timing for everything. Saturn influences the timing and nature of the “harvest” we harvest. For example, in order to cook rice, we need to do a number of actions: buy or grow rice, rinse it, put it in a saucepan, pour water, etc. – all these functions are in the department of other planets. After everything is ready, we wait for the rice to cook. This moment, the expectation of the result of any action, is the domain of Saturn. So the waiting process is Saturn’s training. Saturn keeps some of your labors out of your control until harmony is achieved. He will not allow us to do certain things or get the desired results until we are ready.

We scold fate for what we are today, but in reality it is not a cruel fate. At the moment it is good for us to be who we are now and to mark what we have. When we have mastered the next step, we will be given the next thing. We do not know why certain things are not given to us, why our desires are not fulfilled. We think these things are good and therefore ask for them, but when we do get them, they can make life difficult for us. Few of us really understand what we need. Thus, Saturn teaches us gratitude, the ability to live in the present moment and rejoice in what we have.

Delays, obstacles and frustrations appear in the mind of a person due to the effects of Saturn, and if we are not patient we can lose our balance. This influence is especially noticeable during the period of planetary influence of the planet on human life, for example, during the period of “Sade-sati” or during the vimshotari dashi of Saturn, or during the period of the retrocycle of Saturn. If we become nervous and angry, more and more expectations fall on us, and the more we wait for the result, the more frustrated and suffering we become. The inevitable, once accepted, will be more attuned to us. And when we do not accept it, then we are in opposition with it, and this leads to even greater struggle and loss of energy. Please note that it is Saturn who teaches us how to wait and endure. Therefore, this strategy will only be relevant if you are going through the Sadu-sati period, the Saturn period, or now there is a retro Saturn period. If you have a period of Mars, you will need initiative, assertiveness, but patience will still not be superfluous.


Pain and isolation are also related to Saturn. Pain is a process of correction. Pain is a message from nature that something needs to be fixed. Accept the message and try to fix the situation. Saturn thus teaches us the basics of life. How to eat, how to sleep, talk and work – to all the “how” of our behavior. He carries the knowledge of how to transcend the shackles that we have imposed on ourselves, and isolation and pain are his tools. Learn the lesson life teaches you through pain.

Saturn allows us to evolve through the laws of nature. When we don’t follow these laws … it engages such hydraulic brakes that we cannot move. Whether we like it or not, we have to stop and look around – maybe there is something wrong in our way of acting? If there is no progress, this most likely means that we made a mistake. If we do not correct this error, further progress will be suspended. So Saturn says, “Your intentions are good, but I will not let you become that way until you have worked out certain things.”

The physical body of Saturn – the planet itself that we can see through a telescope, has many rings. These rings are symbols of limitation and protection. Saturn is the planet that disciplines us so that we get the necessary experience. He outlines the limits of what is permitted and stops us so that we do not expand too much and complicate life. The rings act as protection until we gain the right understanding, when that understanding is achieved, they open and wider limits are set for our protection. So, Saturn brings us the knowledge of how to overcome the shackles that we have imposed on ourselves.

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