Blue manicure with black nail polish for summer

Most charming interpretation of blue nail polish for summer

Blue refers to one of the shades of blue with white undertones and automatically evokes a feeling of freshness and boundless calm on the subconscious level.

It uniquely conveys the breadth of natural space and the purity of the air, so it makes no sense to be surprised at the popularity of blue in the fashion world. Blue shade has become one of the most popular in nail design for the summer season. This color goes well with many images, differs in softness, tenderness, and allows you to design dozens of interesting nail art in a wide variety of techniques. Meet the fashion trend of summer 2021 – blue manicure.

Current trends

More recently, the blue tones of the lacquer were used only in the classic monochromatic design. Today, blue nail designs are a stunning combination of the eponymous coating with light and bright shades, as well as a wide variety of execution techniques. In the stylish novelties of the summer, there are many patterns and an abundance of jewelry in the form of rhinestones, beads, glitter and other variations of décor. Manicure “different handles”, gradient, french, “negative space”, design with rubbing, matte manicure are just a part of the many trendy design ideas.

Matte blue manicure

The tenderness of the blue coating is incredibly beautifully combined on nails with a velvet structure. In this design, it is relevant to use both one shade and a combination of blue with other colors. The matte structure looks magical in a monochromatic design and perfectly demonstrates its qualities with additions in the form of elements of “negative space”, geometry, French manicure, rhinestones, sequins or patterns. Depending on the tonality of the main coating, a manicure can be gentle and light, or vice versa, spectacular and bright.

Gradient blue design

Smooth transitions of shades do not give up their positions and in the summer season 2021 are more relevant than ever. The gradient still attracts attention, wins the hearts of women of fashion and is simply magically played up in blue. It can be different variations of blue and white on each finger, an original stretch using dark blue, pink, lilac and any other varnish that is able to convey the mood of the young lady as much as possible and harmoniously complement the chosen outfit. In this case, it is better to refuse black varnish. A gradient can be formed on each nail plate or show a play of colors from marigold to marigold. Decorations to match the coatings, various glitters or patterns will only emphasize the perfection of the technique.

Blue with white

Such a duet combination looks much softer than monochromatic variations and allows the nails to look more feminine. It can be a charming alternate coloring, blue patterns on a white base, or vice versa, white patterns on blue marigolds. The blue and white tandem looks gorgeous using the French technique, which allows you to combine the colors of the base and smile in an original way. Gradient transitions are impressive whether they are vertical or horizontal. A novelty of the summer season is floral or openwork drawings with white acrylic powder. “Sugar” just looks magical on a blue background, and at the request of a fashionista, it can decorate adjacent nail plates, duplicating the color of the main coating.

Blue manicure with black

Inky black color no less effectively complements blue marigolds and allows fashionistas to fantasize and create incredible design ideas. Floristic motives, geometric elements, original black and blue french, stripes, polka dots, abstraction, all these proposals are relevant for the summer season. Special attention, according to nail designers, should be given to openwork lace patterns made with black varnish. This direction of drawings, despite the depth of black color, looks incredibly elegant and promises not to leave your pens unattended.

Pink and blue manicure

The most popular summer combination imaginable is pink and blue. Although these shades are bright in themselves, their combination in the design of a manicure looks incredibly delicate and fresh. Varnishes can be beautifully alternated on nails, decorated with many techniques, combined with classic white or black shades and complemented with glitter. If gradient transitions are your thing, try stretching a few nail plates and creating a solid color on the other fingers. No less impressive and at the same time harmonious looks in such a variation of colors manicure “different handles”, which implies the design of nails on the right and left hand with different varnishes. Neat jewelry or décor in this case will only emphasize the peculiarity of the novelty.

“Negative space”

Unpainted areas on the nail plate have long been one of the favorite ideas of manicure, and the exquisite blue coating as a base can pleasantly surprise even the most sophisticated fashionistas. In this version, various transparent shapes, for example, hearts, flowers, or geometric details in the form of stripes or zigzags, can be located on any part of the nail plate. Colored details on a completely transparent marigold also look very unusual and creative. Manicure “negative space” is harmoniously combined with elements of abstraction, floristry, shiny accents and a matte structure.

Rubbed design

Summer 2021 is a great opportunity to create one of the variations of manicure with rubbing on the nails. Fine acrylic powder can incredibly create a fascinating sparkling coating on nails of any color. The blue varnish in this example looks incredibly beautiful in the rays of the summer sun. Holography, pearlescent shine or mirror shine will decorate your manicure – it’s up to you. The rubbing looks very impressive and in most variations does not need additional complex décor. But, if you really want to, you can decorate with a few stones or a pattern with a few fingers.

Floral motives

Floral motifs have confidently settled in the list of key summer trends in blue manicure. If earlier special attention was paid to bright and complex patterns, today marigolds should be decorated with silhouette images or neat buds, leaves or twigs in the style of minimalism. Such nail art masterpieces should be placed on one or two fingers, while using only a few discreet shades. In this case, the pastel palette looks the most advantageous.

Sea style

Blue notes in the marine theme will allow not only to maximally convey all the natural beauty of the water surface, but also to translate into reality the most incredible design ideas that are relevant only for the summer period. The creation of a marine design on the nails involves not only covering the nail plates with shades that mimic the color of the sea wave. The gurus of the nail industry recommend that you definitely decorate one or more marigolds with a voluminous pattern in the form of a mother-of-pearl shell or create a composition of Siju stones, resembling small pebbles in appearance. Shiny varnishes, iridescent glitter particles or foil are a great idea to complement in this case.

This summer blue manicure can be confidently called magical, incredibly airy, sophisticated and stunning. Every fashionista is simply obliged to pamper her nails with one of the proposed design variations or create her own masterpiece. Love yourself and stay always beautiful!

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