Matte manicure with rhinestones

Rhinestone Manicure Brilliant Nail Design Ideas

Modern stylish manicure with rhinestones is not just a fashionable nail decoration. Rhinestones are amazingly beautiful and unique décor that can not only transform and refresh any design. A manicure with rhinestones is a huge number of amazing design ideas, as well as a great opportunity to show imagination and create your own masterpieces. Today we propose to get to know these shiny elements better and discuss fashionable ideas for manicure with rhinestones, which, according to nail designers, are the most fashionable.

The main types of manicure décor

Today rhinestones made of glass, zirconium, acrylic or polymer are used to decorate a manicure. Jewelry can be round, oval, drop-shaped, diamond-shaped and any other shape. As for the size, there are many variations here too. Depending on the type of surface of the rhinestones, smooth, pearl-shaped elements, gem-cut rhinestones, egg beads, Shinju pearls, similar to small sea pebbles and small pixie crystals, are very popular. Each of the proposed examples is distinguished by its special brilliance, which allows you to create manicure in different style directions. Rhinestones on nails can shine amazingly and refract shine, surprise with the “chameleon” effect or delight with delicate pearl or pearl shine. Any kind of design looks incredibly beautiful and can be combined with each other.

French manicure with rhinestones

This proposal, perhaps, can be confidently called the most popular, because French manicure remains at the peak of popularity outside of fashion trends. A jacket with rhinestones can be made in any combination of shades, but special attention, nevertheless, should be paid to the classic version. A nude, transparent, pale pink or pale peach base with a snow-white tip looks very feminine and elegant in itself, and shiny details in the form of original patterns will make the design even more sophisticated. You can beautifully highlight one of the nail plates with rhinestones, emphasize the French line or decorate the manicure at your discretion, because the proposed décor elements fit perfectly into stripes, semicircles, waves and other various combinations.

Minimalism manicure

Manicure design in the style of minimalism implies the minimum use of a variety of decorations. Laconicism, restraint and elegance are the main components of this design. Basically, calm shades of varnish are taken as a basis. Rhinestones in this case play the role of a neat accent that does not allow the nails to look too boring and simple. It can be either a single pebble in the root zone of each marigold, or a simple pattern in the form of an accent on one of the fingers.

Rhinestones and geometry manicure

Young ladies who are attracted by a variety of geometric motifs can safely experiment and place rhinestones on the nails in the form of horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines. Ornaments can also be used to complement geometric shapes. The stripes should be decorated with small or medium-sized rhinestones, which can be placed on one or more nails in one or two rows. Original patterns and compositions of geometric shapes look beautiful with single glittering accents of any size and shape.

Drawings and rhinestones manicure

Without a doubt, nail designs are very popular among fashionistas, because with their help, young ladies create stunning masterpieces and emphasize their individuality. However, any image on the nails can always be made even more beautiful by originally decorating the drawing with one of the types of rhinestones. Brilliant accents, for example, will be the perfect complement to the core of any flower or colorful butterfly wings, make animal eyes more expressive and decorate any seasonal pattern. Dew or rain drops, shiny blotches on a leopard or snake print – all this can be done with rhinestones.

Monochrome manicure

Monochrome nail design has its own army of fans and is very popular. These can be bright and rich coatings, delicate light or pastel shades, or dark and deep colors. In this case, rhinestones can be matched to the tone of the coating or differ in contrast. In this case, everything depends on the desired result in the end. In most cases, the décor is used to decorate the nameless marigold or place elements on each finger in the form of a neat accent in the root zone. Patterns in this design can be very diverse. Particularly beautifully combined with a single-color design are small pixie crystals or beads-eggs, which completely cover one of the marigolds.

Matte manicure with rhinestones

Nails with a matte top or matte varnish always look very magical. In this design, both light and pastel or deep shades can be used. The brilliance of rhinestones is simply incredibly emphasized by the muteness of the coating. You can decorate one of the nails with a scattering of small crystals or place original patterns on several nail plates. These can be stars, hearts, stripes, wavy lines, zigzags, the location of rhinestones along the contour of the nail bed and many other variations.

Design with rubbing and rhinestones manicure

The simultaneous combination of glittering rhinestones and the gentle glow of the rub in manicure is an amazing duet. The expression “there is never too much shine” explains this combination in the best way. Rubbing in very interestingly refracts the brilliance of crystals, especially if they imitate the cutting of precious stones, but this is not at all a signal to exclude other types of décor from the design. Shiny elements can completely cover one of the marigolds or decorate several fingers with a pattern.

Rhinestones and modeling manicure

This design option can be a bright decoration for nail plates in everyday manicure. However, nail designers advise using this variation for special or special occasions, since the design implies the use of voluminous jewelry, which may not be particularly convenient in everyday life. The essence of the idea lies in the harmonious combination of volumetric patterns and stucco moldings with shiny rhinestones. Additionally, you can decorate neighboring fingers with décor. Measure and a harmonious combination of decorations on the nail plates in this case are the key to success.

Décor with rhinestones goes well with nail plates of any length and shape. Short nails look harmonious with shiny accents and single embellishments. Long nails allow you to make all kinds of fantasies come true. At the same time, the technique of performing a manicure does not matter at all. It is simply impossible to come up with a more stylish and beautiful manicure in 2021.

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