New Moon Scorpions October - November

New Moon Scorpions October – November

Under this new moon, we will feel humble and in awe of the world we live in. We may also find ourselves attuning to the possibilities of magic around us.

The Scorpio New Moon falls (October 23 – November 21) and brings strong waves of energy that we will deeply feel to the core. The cosmic skies are moving, a change is taking place in the air, and it seems that this new moon might awaken us to some new truths. Something may catch us off guard, or some new information may come along that pushes us in a completely new direction.

It seems that no matter what comes, we are all called to wake up and see the world from a new perspective. This is what happens when something shocking or unexpected happens in our lives. It forces us to look at things from a new perspective; it makes us see what we once could not see.


In fact, even if this event shocked us and shocked our world, sometimes we can look back and see clues that didn’t make sense to us at the time. It is these clues and this understanding that we are likely to learn and develop.

Whatever this New Moon brings to our lives, we must remember to look at the bigger picture and see things in a broader perspective. Sometimes it can be easy to get caught up in all these little things, but when we detach ourselves from the situation and look at it from above, it allows us to see new beauty in what unfolds.

How wonderful that we do not yet know the way. How wonderful that there are elements of life that still confuse us, make us feel deeper than we could have imagined, and remind us of what is real and pure in our hearts. How wonderful that, although we do not yet know the path, we can spread our wings, change our awareness and believe that a new deployment is coming.

Scorpio is ruled by Scorpio, but there are two other archetypes for his energy – Eagle and Phoenix. Scorpio is a sign of transformation, so it makes sense that he is transforming too. He moves from the Scorpio, who is ready to defend himself with his claws or sting of the tail, to the Eagle, who can soar high and look for danger from miles away. He then enters the darkness and turns to ash, where he eventually rebelles as the Phoenix. It is on this journey of metamorphosis that we have to go, regardless of what it unfolds for us under the dark moon. Whatever happens, know that this is part of how we move through our own ego cycle into the dark night of the soul and then finally into spiritual wisdom.


Along with bringing some potentially dangerous information to the surface, this New Moon also has some of the chaotic energy around it. We may feel annoyed or a little depressed, or we may witness this in the people around us. Power struggles can also be at play, so be sure to take action to protect yourself if you notice any of these dynamics emerging. The new moon does carry some harsh energies, but sometimes we need intensity to drive the transformation machine. While we want to stay strong and centered, we also don’t want to limit or stop ourselves from allowing whatever moves us to change and transform us.

Under the dark moon we soften; we enter into ourselves more; we recognize the new truth and learn to look at the world with different eyes. We live in a world of seeming duality, and part of our human experience is learning to feel the rainbow of emotions and letting those emotions shape us and help us become who we should be.

The Scorpio New Moon is also a great time for the month to attract a deeper sense of self-esteem and recognize what we really know about life and the role we all play in it.


Under this new moon, we will feel humble and in awe of the world we live in. We may also find ourselves attuning to the possibilities of magic around us.

Since Scorpio is a water sign, we can also feel that we are flowing from one emotion to another. Because this energy can be intense, we must remember that we do not allow ourselves to become controlling, aggressive, hostile, or driven by our ego.

We must remember to transfer our awareness from the little Scorpio to the rising Phoenix. We must remember to continue to transcend our understanding of what life is and what role we play here.

This new moon asks that we allow ourselves to continue to die and be reborn in this way. We keep asking questions, we keep growing, and we keep letting what happens to shock and surprise us because they often fuel our further growth.

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