What is the perfect red summer manicure

Red solid color manicure

Red manicure has long been considered a classic design option and has not lost its relevance for many years. Thanks to the numerous variations of shades, cheerful and bright notes can prevail in your manicure, or vice versa, elegant or solemn motives. Red nail designs blend harmoniously with many colors, a variety of décor and perfectly complements any style. That is why many young ladies in the summer more and more often give their preference to manicure in this range.

Fashion trends and current news

The red color is quite bright in itself and often does not need additional decorations, so a monochromatic coating is a universal solution for a summer look. Nail designers are advised to look not only at the classic scarlet color, but to show creative imagination and experiment with the choice of shade. Among the current novelties, one can note the original red jacket, the “negative space” design, marigolds decorated with geometric or floral motifs, as well as a chic combination of red with shiny décor, other varnishes, and many other ideas.

Red solid color manicure

Monochrome coating this summer gives young ladies complete freedom in choosing shades. In addition to the popular scarlet color, you can safely opt for any warm or cold tone and arrange a manicure with terracotta, raspberry, pomegranate, coral or burgundy varnish. The coating can be matte or glossy. Either option looks amazing. The main rule is professionally done work, since any shortcomings in this manicure immediately become noticeable. If the brightness of the manicure seems to you insufficient for the summer, you can always decorate the nails with rhinestones, broths or sparkles.

Fashionable French manicure

This idea will appeal to those who are slightly fed up with the restraint of the classic french, but there is no desire to change their taste preferences. Red varnish can be used in this case, both to decorate the smile line, and as the main color. This type of manicure can be a great addition to any summer outfit. In addition, a red jacket can always be decorated with a pattern, a pattern of rhinestones or sequins. The simultaneous combination of a glossy and matte finish looks especially beautiful, when a matte line of a French jacket decorates a shiny base or vice versa.

“Negative space”

Fashionable manicure technique with the original name “negative space” is gaining momentum every day and in tandem with a red palette looks incredibly interesting and extraordinary. The matt varnish is especially impressive in this design. Transparent elements can be located on each nail or accentuate one or two fingers. It can be either unpainted areas on any part of the nail plate, or a completely transparent nail with bright elements.

Red design with flowers

Floral designs can rightfully be called one of the most popular designs of all time. Drawings of this nature complement any image with feminine notes, extraordinary lightness and always look very stylish. To decorate a summer design in red tones, it is important to place flower motifs on several nails, which will allow not to overload the manicure and slightly soften the brightness of the varnish, if, in the opinion of the young lady, there is a need for this. Lovers of minimalism can decorate the nail plates with neat buds or single blooms decorated with a monochromatic varnish. More daring ladies can experiment with colorful designs and voluminous décor.

Stylish geometry

A variety of geometric patterns, at first glance, seem to be something unremarkable. However, such patterns are perfectly combined with any color palette and, due to their variety, can turn the simplest design into a real masterpiece of nail art. The red palette is no exception in this case. Original stripes, zigzags, triangles, rhombuses or squares look very beautiful on one or two fingers, can be made with bright varnishes and go well with sequins, which is especially important for summer. The figures can be drawn with thin black lines or supplemented with images in the style of abstraction or floristry.

With silver and gold

The shine of precious metals and red manicure is an incredibly beautiful composition. Golden and silver sequins can both completely decorate the nail plate and highlight only a part of the marigold with radiance. The design options look very interesting when the sequins are located at the tip or at the root zone. Also, shiny details can be used to complement various patterns or lay out glitter on the marigold with a pretty pattern. Such a manicure looks a little solemn and quite bright, so you shouldn’t get too carried away with the amount of sparkles. For a fashionable summer design, it is enough to highlight one or two marigolds with radiance.

With rhinestones

If sequins complement any design with light notes of solemnity, then rhinestones and stones look just magical on the nails. Decorations can duplicate the color of the coating, or they can contrast with the main tone. With the help of rhinestones, you can create original patterns on the nails, complement the drawings or decorate the manicure with single decorations. Decorate the French line with a small pebble, highlight the lunula or the core of the flower with rhinestones. With any of the options for the location of sparkly jewelry, your red nails will fit perfectly into any of the summer outfits.

With white

The combination of red and white nail polish has always attracted attention, and this summer such a fashionable tandem showed itself very interestingly on the nails. The trend is monochromatic nail art with alternate staining of the nail plates in white and a selected red tone, white manicure with red patterns and red manicure with white patterns. These can be original images of hearts, female lips, floral motifs or openwork monograms that adorn any part of the marigold. Experiment and boldly make your own fantasies come true.

Red manicure is not just bright and catchy. Firstly, nails coated with such varnish are one of the most feminine designs. Secondly, they are considered a safe design option that amazingly transforms and refreshes any image. Hurry up to decorate your nails with one of the many fashionable shades this summer and stay in trend.

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